Monday, July 20, 2015



This week was awesome. One of those weeks that make all the hard ones worth it! 

The AP's called me last week to tell me to find a house... cause they decided to open Hermanas in our ward! I'm stoked because finally the ward is starting to get excited in the good work and there are about 100 less active single sisters in our ward that we can't visit. So this whole week we've been looking for a house. We finally found one, but its in a dangerous place so we decided to go there and the sisters are gunna steal our house! 

The AP's also told me that I didn't have changes -- because I gotta help the sisters out, and my comps been super sick too! But he's iron tough and still works hard! Pray for him!

Angeles, Paola and Fani all got baptized Friday night! It was awesome!  Their whole entire family came! They also decided that they don't want to move now, because their mom, dad and other sister want to be baptized!

No time today! Gotta Go! Love ya mom!

elder minnick

Tam Notes:  The title of the email this week just got me!  So many awesome memories of Friday nights spent cheering Weston and all his best friends on at Charger stadium.... and now....with so many of them on missions or about to go...just a different kind of cheering!!  I love to think of all these young men in their missionary badges on a Friday night - spreading the gospel!!  Life is so good!   

Also, small world!!  One of the Hermana's they transferred to Weston's area is my good friends daughter (from my Hillcrest days)!!  Shout out to Hermana Talbot and her mom Sonia!!  We were hoping they would get to serve together!!  

Got a ton of pics this week too!!  The best kind!  

Friday Night Whites!

Hermana Talbot  -- tall one in the back!  

La Zona
Weston has a wifi camera and when he is at the church with wifi - he can send pics.  I got this on Friday afteroon!!  He said, "What I'm doing > What you're doing!"   

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