Tuesday, July 28, 2015

sleeping with cucarachas


It's been a looong week! A great one too!

I've been just about 6 months without sister missionaries in my zone... but almost all good things come to an end and Presidente opened 2 of them in our ward...They aren't that bad I promise. One of them reminds me of Whitney a ton. She's a pulpit pounder and a finger pointer. The other is from Bolivia, has a sweet accent, and cooks good food. I don't have any problems with them...and the best advice I've received about how to deal with sister missionaries is, "whatever you do just don't be yourself".  I gotta a good laugh outta that one.

Well we found a new house. It's about as pretty as my feet and smells a little worse, but its cozy.  For about 3 days we didn't have furniture, beds, or power so we slept with all the dead bugs on the floor. Its hard to complain cause one night while I was sitting on the floor with my flash light writing in my journal, I felt the Spirit super strong and had a super strong feeling of gratefulness. Its hard to explain but I've never been so grateful to have "nothing" -- It helped me realize I have everything. :)

The Family G that just got baptized last week decided that they didn't wanna move!  Their older son came to their baptism along with the WHOLE family and they all felt the spirit really strong. They decided to stay here for a little bit more so that he can live the Gospel too. I am extremely grateful to God that He has allowed me to be part of the life of this family.  I love them to death! 

We are planning for Luis to be baptized in the next week! We taught tithing the other day, and he told me he already read the pamphlet like 4 weeks ago and has been keeping his tithing stash in his pillow case! It has been a trial of his faith because he doesn't have papers here in Mexico because he is Dominicano and he's having a hard time finding a job! He has been an example to me!

I testify that God hears and answers our prayers!  I know he loves us and is a part of our everyday lives!

Elder Minnick

New place!
(Tam: looks bright and cheery!)

Losing weight?

NEW Zone after changes!

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