Monday, February 23, 2015

A little bit of Gethsemane


Well I don't even know where to start this week! I spent a lot of time on my knees, and then the rest of the time in the scriptures! I've gotten soooo close to my Book of Mormon here in the mission. It's my best friend, and its always there! I read a lot in Alma 7, and I listened to a talk by Elder Holland called Missionary Work and the Atonement. So Christ's Atonement has been a big theme in my life every week! I can't think of a better theme and I'm planning on keeping it as my theme every day for the rest of my life! 

Something that really hit me deep when I was listening to Elder Holland, was that we all need to suffer just a teeny tiny bit to understand a little better His Atonement. The Spirit taught me that I am blessed to have His name on my chest everyday so I should happily take the heat that comes to his faithful disciples!  I understood a little better just how hard His life was. And even though He walked and walked and walked, and it was probably hot, and he was probably really hungry, and it probably wasn't too fun when people rejected Him. Even though they spat at Him, beat Him, tortured and then murdered Him, not once did He complain! HE loved them! Even though He has all the power in the universe, He let them do it!  The atonement gives me strength to come what may and love it, and try a little harder to do a little better!  I testify as one of His representatives that He lives, that He already suffered for all our heartache, shortcomings, imperfections, and sins! He is waiting for us to come unto him and be perfected! HE is my Savior and Redeemer and I love Him!

It was a full week of finding people, putting baptismal dates, and ignoring preachers who try to move us from our cause. We had a very successful Monday through Saturday! I got a little proud... and a little is too much! Sunday came and we only had 1 of the 15 people we found this week in church! For those of you who have been in the mission, you know how it feels to wait and wait after inviting everyone that morning to come, and nobody shows up! I was greatly humbled, and have many plans to change so it doesn't happen again the next week!

I love my compa! Elder Luis is awesome! We just laugh and laugh and laugh all day! My area is awesome too! The ward is great! We have a ton of lessons with our Bishop, but just about all the other leadership is inactive! 

That's all I got time for mom ;)

Con amor,
elder minnick

Elder Luis!
(Tam: I sent these shirts in Weston's last pkg - GO COUGARS!!!)

Tam: Loves his Charger blanket....
glad I totally "shrink packed" this and sent!!  

Monday, February 9, 2015


que anda

Too many stories for this week! I'm grateful for my journal! I started a new one the other day! One day you can read all of them that aren't in Spanish!

Well....Tuesday super early I went to Queretaro to pick up my brand new baby missionary! His name is.... Elder LUIS! He's from Veracruz. He is 18, and played lots of baseball before he came on his mission.  He is hilarious...we get along great.  Almost too well... but like I said, good stories for another time :)

Compa (Elder Luis) y Presidente

We found our house after looking is DISGUSTING. I thought that I've seen some pretty nasty houses over the last couple months but nothing compared to this house. I'll spare ya the details!  But, it was a fun week.  My whole entire zone is opening...even my Zone Leaders.  Everyone but the Zone Leaders are training too.  My district is the only district in the zone!  My zone leaders put me in charge of all the numbers. SO FUN! There are 8 of us here, and I'm super excited!

This week has been soooooo hard. We work and we work and we work and then we work until we eat again, then we plan and clean and then we sleep and then we work again. I don't know if I can be more detailed than that, but if we do anything else this next week besides WORK I'll be sure to let you know!

We've been working lots with the ward. se llama bellavista! I already love my ward... there aren't a ton of active members but the ones who come are enlisted in missionary work. They are all super stoked to have missionaries here again. And its not even a dangerous place!  Nobody even called me bad words this week!  I'm happy here!

We had a toooon of really cool experiences this week.  I had a powerful experience this morning. I've been fasting for two guys we found this week. They are some of those investigadores that have a lot of time talking to the missionaries, but we have lots of faith that we can invite the spirit into their lives so strongly that they can't deny it!   God heard and answered my prayers this morning.  I felt very blessed to be part of this great work!  I've decided that being a missionary has blessed me more than I will ever be able to bless and serve others! 

con mucho amor

elder minnick

elder cuevas is going home... love this guy!!

Tam: The following pics are from last week.  He sent from his wifi camera while traveling to Queretaro on a killer bus with wifi!  

Tam:  My favorite pic in the last 7 months!!  

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One last pic with Elder Perez!  Weston will miss him!!  

Monday, February 2, 2015

ya me voy


Where to start!

This week: We didn't baptize Judith y Paco. They had some paper problems and can't get married till Thursday, and then they will get baptized Saturday. I'm soooo excited for them! I'm coming back after my mission to kidnap their baby!

My comp had a really hard week. He told me I could share his experience. Wednesday morning at 1:30 AM we got some calls and messages and we found out that his grandma, who is more like his mama cause she raised him, was in a coma and probably wouldn't make it the night. My comp is a stud, he's the only member in his family. President called us Thursday to pass the news that she had passed away. It was really really really hard to see him struggle, but Elder Perez's testimony of the Plan of Salvation is unshakable. He really is an example to me of putting his faith in Christ and relying on the Atonement.  I saw the Spirit work through him strongly as he testified of our Savior and his ultimate sacrifice!

We studied the doctrine of the resurrection together almost every day. I testify that God has a perfect plan for every single one of his children! I testify of the Living Christ. I know he already conquered death so we need not fear. He already paid the price of all our heart break, so we can feel His perfect love in our most difficult times!  I was inspired to start memorizing the Living Christ: The Testimony of the Apostles this week. I got about half of it done in Spanish, and when I get that down -- I'll memorize it in English! It's my testimony that He lives, and because He lives, we too will live.

I'm getting changed! Very bitter sweet. I'm sad to leave my comp and all the amazing people I've met here in Leon. But I'm excited for the next part of my mission! I'm going to Salamanca... the only thing I've heard about the place is that it smells awful cause of the crappy air... but I don't care! I'm gonna go train a new baby missionary! I'm pumped! I'm also opening a new area and am district leader! I'm excited for this new challenge and I pray that I can be more patient and humble!

ya me voy,

elder minnick

Judith y Paco.... baptism coming soon!

Part of the fam...

More fam...

Even more fam!!!!

My new suit!

Doin' work!

More work

Yes... she let me sign her wall!  That's eternal paint!