Monday, October 27, 2014



This week was solid... as a companionship is was probably one of our greatest weeks. Our ward had 3 baptisms this week. Two of them came from less active families, and the third was an investigator named Monica! She is the last member of her family to be baptized, she has three children already baptized! Yay for Monica! 

I decided I needed a little more excitement in my life this week so I cut my own hair... The most exciting part was that I decided to just go for it and started right down the front middle of my head. I didn't do too awful, I kinda messed up on the right side of my head so I just had to cut everything shorter and then it was chill. I've been praying really hard and decided that BYU just isn't for me and that I should go to hair school ;) hahaha NAAAAAH,  but Elder Manning told me I can cut his hair this week... just after interviews with President :)

"But the haircut doesn't look too bad. right?"

We had a couple extremely powerful lessons this week.  First we went into the sisters area because they asked us to help them teach a lady who was having problems.  It just so happened that the person we visited was in need of a blessing. And well... boom it was a powerful blessing. She's been smoking for 40 years but wants to quit! We are fasting for her this week!

I'm fasting for grandma Linda this week too! I love you grandma and hope you feel better this week!

We had a another cool lesson Saturday.  Its with one of our investigators named Jose... he has issues with the BoM. It was a cool lesson for me because after he spent 15 minutes telling us about why the BoM isn't true, we spent 5 testifying that it is. He was speechless after, and when we were done, we just got up and left. I felt like we punched him in the face with the Spirit. 

I also had the opportunity to speak in church yesterday... I didn't know I was speaking until sacrament started.. so I wasn't exactly prepared, but they told me to speak on whatever I wanted.  Elder Manning chose testimony, I chose conversion. 

I don't really remember much of what I said, but I do remember talking about how my testimony has been and is the most important thing I own.  My testimony is the base of everything I am, everything I feel, and everything I want to be and do. I'm not perfect but everyday I do my best to do what God wants me to do. I realized all of this why I was speaking in church. 

Because of my testimony I know that everything will be okay. That bad days become good days when we pray. I know that we have a Savior that suffered and died for me, you, and every person in the entire world. Sometimes after I have walked 20 miles in the hot sun I start complaining in my head. I think man... I'm tired, I'm hungry, my feet hurt, and we haven't had any success today.  It's super easy to forget about the amazing blessings I will and have received in these last few months, especially in my weak moments.  And because of my testimony I know that tomorrow will come and soon after that eternity comes too. 

Sure love you all!
Elder Minnick

Elder Minnick:  "This is what happiness looks like!"  

Hermana Minnick in Guatemala: "The water in the baptismal font, I also shower with that water, and wash my clothes with that water..."

Just a tad bit of difference between the
two missions and water quality!!!!  

Elder Lafavor y yo!

Monday, October 20, 2014

The zoo!

Friends and Fam,

Nothing as exciting as getting hit by a car this week...sorry.

No this was a really good humbling week. It was super disappointing. We had to drop a family and another investigador.... Super frustrating when the salvation of someone is more important to you than it is to them. 

I got super mad at myself this week too. This whole Spanish thing is frustrating and our one promising baptism for this month fell through. But Elder Manning and I repented of all our imperfections and mistakes this week, and I'm feeling much better for this next week.

Like I said... not many super exciting things happened this week, but I'm grateful for tomorrow and the chance we have everyday to better ourselves!

We went to the zoo today! I got some sick pics!!!

Love you all!

Elder Minnick

Some call it work, I call it therapy!!
Tam: The hat and pen behind the ear... same old Weston!!! The mold on the the wall behind him -- killing me!!!  :/

Selfies for mom!

Pucker up! 
Pretty Bird!!!

Obispo let me use his iPad!!

Monday, October 13, 2014


hahhaha mom don't be mad... I really am okay :)

Last Monday night it was raining super hard... and it was night so it was like... DARK.  We were walking across a small street headed to a bigger street.  And yes mom, I even looked both ways...but a couple stupid people were driving and took this corner super fast.  They hit Elder Manning's leg, cause he walks a little slower than me so he actually saw it coming... but they hit me in the butt.  I only flew like 10 feet and comfortably landed in a crap filled puddle... But, like I said, I really am okay. Not a single bruise. My back was super sore this whole week but I'm not complaining.  Glad I could check that one off my bucket list.

I know the Lord was looking out for me. There really isn't a perfect way to get hit by a car, but if there is, I'm pretty sure I did it. And yes momma, I'll be more careful :)

We found an awesome investigator this week... his name is Arael.  He lived in Utah for like 3 weeks, down in St. George. He really liked it, and wants to go back, but he wants his daughter to go with him. We contacted him this week outside our house, set an appointment up for Saturday.   He was somewhat familiar with the church and we have a fecha for him next month! He even came to all 3 hours of church this week!!!  That was a relief because all our other investigators couldn't make it. 

It was a harder week. We had to drop a whole family... of 7. It's super sad. The whole family is super super receptive to the Spirit, and we have had a ton of awesome lessons with them... But the dad trusts the internet more than he trusts the power of prayer and the Holy Ghost.

We had a super cool day today. Played soccer for like 100 hours, then we went to the centro here in Leon! It's awesome!!!!  We went to a couple of giant churches... They were beautiful. But, the feeling is just so heavy and cold.  I MISS the temple back home. Feeling is soooooooo much better.  Cant wait to go to Draper Temple in 2016.

God loves you!

Elder Minnick

Bunnies and Books of Mormon!

I didn't make any Mexican jokes, I PROMISE!

Met a member with a longboard today!



Silly white people!

Fancy art and stuff!

Elder Brito y yo!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Gen Con

Fam and Friends,

Really though conference is sooooooo much cooler as a missionary.   I wish I could sit down with all of you and talk about all of my favorite talks, but I only got an hour so I'll just tell ya my absolute favorite was Pres. Uchtdorf's talk in priesthood. I wish I could send pictures of my notes or something but they are completely ineligible and don't make much sense to anyone but me...haha! 

I also couldn't help but think of a certain boat that couldn't turn in Powell over the 4th of July during President Monson's talk. Those Germans just needed some duct tape.

Conference really was an amazing experience for me. I had 5 questions at the beginning and got 100 answers each session. I testify that not only does our Father in Heaven hear our prayers but he answers them through Profetas of Old and in these latter days. We are sooo blessed to hear from these men and women who have received a special witness, and receive revelation for the world.  We had some investigadors come to some sessions, but we had one dude named Ricardo, who came to all 5 sessions!  The prophets and apostoles did all the teaching for us, did some converting, now all we gotta do is baptize the dude.  Can't wait for the next conference...6 months will come fast!

P-Day today was cool -- went to the Plaza again!  I bought a ostrich snapback, and two other sick leather hats all for a total of ten bucks. Bought pops a belt buckle.  Don't worry dad, I'll send you some boots home soon.... what kind do you want... shark skinned or elephant?  I'm gunna get Manta Ray, but you can wear them until I get home.  :)

Other than that, this week was crazy. We finally got materials.  It's hard to teach about the BoM when you don't have any to give out.   We gave out like 50 in 4 days.  

Some people here are sooo ready. We have those lessons where we meet them, teach em a little, and they are committed to baptism in 15 minutes. But then we have those hour long lessons on how God is our loving Father in Heaven and the people can't get over the fact that we can pray ANY TIME day or night and share our feelings with Him.  I personally like the people who are humble enough to listen without proof. Faith is a powerful thing.

Thought I'd take a second to thank my parents who taught me how to pray. I can't remember right now who talked about that, but I'm grateful for a home that's built on the Rock of our Redeemer!  Love you mom and dad!  Momma feel better! 

Elder Minnick

MOM NOTE:  Weston did say he finally got some mail.....  16 letters and the first pkg. I sent him!!!  GOOD DAY!!  Weston also told Jay, "...couldn't be happier with mission life.  The work is good.  One complaint though.... you didn't tell me that the mission was fun!!  Just hard!!  You gotta tell your priests it's fun too!"   SO from the missionaries mouth.... missions are FUN!!!!  

McDonalds  -- WOOOOOO