Monday, October 13, 2014


hahhaha mom don't be mad... I really am okay :)

Last Monday night it was raining super hard... and it was night so it was like... DARK.  We were walking across a small street headed to a bigger street.  And yes mom, I even looked both ways...but a couple stupid people were driving and took this corner super fast.  They hit Elder Manning's leg, cause he walks a little slower than me so he actually saw it coming... but they hit me in the butt.  I only flew like 10 feet and comfortably landed in a crap filled puddle... But, like I said, I really am okay. Not a single bruise. My back was super sore this whole week but I'm not complaining.  Glad I could check that one off my bucket list.

I know the Lord was looking out for me. There really isn't a perfect way to get hit by a car, but if there is, I'm pretty sure I did it. And yes momma, I'll be more careful :)

We found an awesome investigator this week... his name is Arael.  He lived in Utah for like 3 weeks, down in St. George. He really liked it, and wants to go back, but he wants his daughter to go with him. We contacted him this week outside our house, set an appointment up for Saturday.   He was somewhat familiar with the church and we have a fecha for him next month! He even came to all 3 hours of church this week!!!  That was a relief because all our other investigators couldn't make it. 

It was a harder week. We had to drop a whole family... of 7. It's super sad. The whole family is super super receptive to the Spirit, and we have had a ton of awesome lessons with them... But the dad trusts the internet more than he trusts the power of prayer and the Holy Ghost.

We had a super cool day today. Played soccer for like 100 hours, then we went to the centro here in Leon! It's awesome!!!!  We went to a couple of giant churches... They were beautiful. But, the feeling is just so heavy and cold.  I MISS the temple back home. Feeling is soooooooo much better.  Cant wait to go to Draper Temple in 2016.

God loves you!

Elder Minnick

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I didn't make any Mexican jokes, I PROMISE!

Met a member with a longboard today!



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