Monday, November 24, 2014

BE grateful for something simple this week!

Busy busy busy busy week for me down on the brighter side of the border.  Elder Perez is finally starting to open up to me a little more... One day he will be my best friend, whether he likes it or not. :)
We had Presidente De Hoyos come to the mission this past week.  It was super inspiring. If I could show you my notes I would, but they are in Spanglish and I cant even read my own handwriting.  It will take a prophet to translate -- somehow I'll figure it out.
Baptism this week!  His name is Tadeo. He's the man. His whole family is less active but he decided to come to church by himself. He's only 10 and we took him to a lesson with us. He said a prayer to help one of our other investigadores receive the same answer he had. It touched our other investigator so much that he asked if he could be baptized sooner. He's proof that every member can be a missionary, no matter the age!
If I have learned two things on my mission it would be 1) really live in the moment and 2) simple things are the source of our happiness. One of my favorite things about my mission is that I don't have to worry about my future, I can just focus on God's work.  I'm happier than I've ever been in my whole life because I can focus on the small and simple things that God has blessed me with. At home its sooo easy to forget that we have so much, and we still aren't satisfied.  I'm grateful for my family, the temple, the covenants I've made with God, and for the knowledge that I have about God's plan!  BE grateful for something simple this week!
Happy Turkey Day!
Elder Minnick :)


Monday, November 17, 2014


First off.... had a killer P Day today. Woke up at 3 in the morning to go see the Leon International Hot Air Balloon Festival. Not gunna say much about it cause I got sweet pics. And I'm coming back to see it again in a couple years with my hot wife.
Man I'd be lying to you if I didn't tell ya this was one of thee hardest and most humbling weeks in the good ol misión. But it was hands down one of the best too... In the end I'm super happy, and that's important right?
My compañerito Elder Perez is pretty awesome.  I've yet to find a single thing we have in common besides the góspel. He hasn't exactly opened up to me yet... but one day he will tell me all his secrets. He's got a super powerful testimony.  He is from Tabasco Mexico... He was one of 2 priesthood holders in his branch. All of his family is Jehova Witness, and they weren't to happy about him serving a misión.  I have a lot of respect for the kid.
Like I said, this week was hard but awesome.  It was hard because between my comp and I we have 0 time in the misión, we have a big old sketch área that I'm still learning, and last week ALL of our fechas for the rest of this month fell through. 
But the cool part was that we had a ton of lessons with members, and even though we didn't quite make the cut for baptisms this month, God blessed us with 3 anyway. First, an investigator who progressed a ton this week -- his name is Arael!  We will baptize him the 29th. Another is a little girl named Leslie... her fam is inactivo but her parents want to come back, and what better way to come back than with a baptism!  Also this week is our miracle investigator --his name is Tadeo. He just moved into the ward, his parents are menos activo but are reactivating, and he wants to get baptized. He reminds me of Zane :)  We are baptizing him this Saturday! :)
Got your package mommy :) thanks for the TRX and shirts! The Border homies stole my peanut butter. I ain't happy. The ZL's told me I got some letters and I get those tomorrow!
Peace and Love and read the BoM please!
Elder Minnick

Some of the Zone and the President

Elder Romero my zone leader! 

Tangled lantern thingy's

My homies!

My compañerito Elder Perez!

This is Leslie.....she drew a pic of me!

My gorgeous area.... it gets worse!

Monday, November 10, 2014



This is gunna be a short one.... I really wish I had a ton of time to write today but schedules super off with changes this week!! 

Monday:  Found a whole new family!!  Baptisms coming soon!

Tuesday:  Found another guy! HE was super stoked and accepted a fecha but we tried to return a couple times and he's super hard to find...And we were bummed when he didn't come to church this week.

Wednesday:  Not a single one of our lessons went of those long days!

Thursday:  Had a giant family night at the church.... 3 whole wards. Received a butt load of referrals. Hoo Raw!

Friday:  Really our only full day of work this week... Lots of lessons. We taught an older lady. It was the second time we taught her, and the second time we had to explain to her that we aren't Catholic, and the second time she accepted the same baptismal date...I'm feelin like we will have to do it all again next week...  :)

Saturday: Family History thingy at the church all day. Amazing how much of this stuff I already knew.  Youth Family History Coordinator in the Draper South Mtn. 3rd Ward :)  I do really miss the temple. Go a lot please!

Sunday: Last day of the change and I hit the 4 month mark! Where did the time go?

So our ZL's called us at 8 and told Elder Manning all the changes, cause he's the DL -- he gets all the dirty deets on the zone. But we didn't have changes.... 15 minutes later they called us again and told us that president changed our changes! Elder Manning is off to Irapuato (he comes home next month....(DATE HIM LADIES) and I'm gunna stay here in Leon and train :) I'm pretty stoked! I would be lying too if I didn't tell you I am pretty nervous. I don't exactly know everything I'm doing and my Spanish needs some work, but I do know that the Lord qualifies those he calls. I'm ready for a super humbling experience!  Pray for the people we teach!

I'm training Elder Perez from Mexico. That's about all I know about him but I pick him up tomorrow! Pray for my new hijo to be patient with me!!

No pics this week. I took a break from taking pictures this week... sorry momma you'll have to go another one with out seeing my face :)

Love and miss you all and see ya in 20!

Elder Minnick

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Stellar week...

Fam and Frens,

I had another stellar week :)

We had interviews with President Merjorda Wednesday.  I dread interviews because that usually means an hour of chastising from dad. But this week I was sooooooooooooo excited to have an interview with President, hoping he'd just chastise the crap out of me and tell me everything I need to do better... but unlike interviews with my old man, this one lasted like 45 seconds with three questions. I was bummed.

Other than that our week was good. We found a ton of new people, we are always dropping a ton of people....AND, a ton of people love Jesus but are too lazy to do anything about it.   I kinda guess for every 20ish people we find one of them will be baptized!!!   Yay for contacting and references!

We had one of our progressing investigators quit his job this week so he could go to church Sundays! He literally has nothing, but exercised some faith and the Lord blessed him with a better job, better hours and better pay! We were stoked. He gets baptized this month.

Today we went to a park and rented some bikes.... there was a little track there... reminded me of that one time when I destroyed dad's Yamaha 450... the track was exactly like that... but don't worry mom I didn't even crash and all my bones are fine :)  Tam note:  the first question I asked before I even finished reading the letter "WHAT KIND OF BIKE?"  see pics... lol

I have changes next week...feeling kind of nervous. If we don't have changes,  I'll be with Elder Manning for his last change and end up being in this area for at least a total of 6 months. That's what I want, but both Elder Manning and I feel like we are going to have changes.  Either way I'm nervous for this week!

Elder Minnick

P.S. Got your letter GPA Chuckles. Miss you and love you and thanks for the letter!!!

Tam:  Weston sent no captions with the pics, but I will caption them "HAPPY WESTON!"  Seriously, not sure if I have ever seen him so happy.  Makes it a ton easier to not MISS him.  Finally.... I have told both of my kids... a 45 second interview with the mission president is WAY better than a 45 minute interview. :)   Currently...poor Zane is getting all of Jay's attention!  Don't let my kids fool you, they all secretly LOVE Jay's father's interviews!!!