Monday, November 24, 2014

BE grateful for something simple this week!

Busy busy busy busy week for me down on the brighter side of the border.  Elder Perez is finally starting to open up to me a little more... One day he will be my best friend, whether he likes it or not. :)
We had Presidente De Hoyos come to the mission this past week.  It was super inspiring. If I could show you my notes I would, but they are in Spanglish and I cant even read my own handwriting.  It will take a prophet to translate -- somehow I'll figure it out.
Baptism this week!  His name is Tadeo. He's the man. His whole family is less active but he decided to come to church by himself. He's only 10 and we took him to a lesson with us. He said a prayer to help one of our other investigadores receive the same answer he had. It touched our other investigator so much that he asked if he could be baptized sooner. He's proof that every member can be a missionary, no matter the age!
If I have learned two things on my mission it would be 1) really live in the moment and 2) simple things are the source of our happiness. One of my favorite things about my mission is that I don't have to worry about my future, I can just focus on God's work.  I'm happier than I've ever been in my whole life because I can focus on the small and simple things that God has blessed me with. At home its sooo easy to forget that we have so much, and we still aren't satisfied.  I'm grateful for my family, the temple, the covenants I've made with God, and for the knowledge that I have about God's plan!  BE grateful for something simple this week!
Happy Turkey Day!
Elder Minnick :)


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