Monday, December 1, 2014

Turkey Week!

I could probably list a billion things I am grateful for and 75% of those things I have received because of my mission. I only have an hour, so I'll just make the list quick:

1. Family

2. The Restoration of the Gospel

3. The Atonement

4. Temples

5. Mexicans

Saturday this week was nuts. We were supposed to baptize Lucy, but when their family was walking to the church building, Lucy's little sister Martita, who has bones of crystal, fell out of the stroller and broke an arm and a leg. She's five years old and is tiny but is one of the happiest people I have ever met.  I was filling the font while the other Elders in our ward were walking with them.  Elder Preece called me so we took a cab to their house.  I could write a whole other letter just on priesthood blessings and Martita because we've seen miracles with her before, but we gave her a blessing and I went with my Ward Mission Leader to some sketch pharmacy to buy her some medicine. It was rough because poor Martita was in a ton of pain,  Lucy was bummed because she's been waiting for months for this day. She left her boyfriend and pretty much all she had -- to be baptized. But all is well now, and she will be baptized this week!

My comp finally opened up to me!!!! If I'm grateful for one thing this week -- it's that my comp and I are tight!!!  He turns 19 on the 11th de December.... Should be a good day back at home too!  Give Whittles a big hug for me and don't have too much fun in Hawaii  :)   Can't wait to see and talk to you guys on the 25th!

Elder Minnick

Turkey day... ate at Costco because the members we were supposed to eat with weren't home.... MOM SO MUCH BETTER THAN YOUR THANKSGIVING!  :/

Painting a house!
My comp and his sick new jacket I bought him! (Thanks Dad!)

Catacombs under the Expiatorio

He's a fatty!!

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