Tuesday, December 30, 2014



Feliz Navidad and Happy New Year!!!

SOOOOOOO GOOD to see smiling faces of family. Love you guys :)

2014 was too good for me. I decided this week that it was the greatest year of the 18 I already have! I received the Melchizedek priesthood, graduated from high school, got into college, received my mission call, received my endowment, , and now I'm here in the misión. I can't think of one more thing that could have made it better. I'm extremely grateful for all I have, and for the life God gave me. Without the Atonement of Christ I'd still be sitting at home wasting my life! One of the many things that I have learned down here in Mexico is that there is no better way to live than giving service! I thank God everyday for the impact my misión has had on me!

This week wasn't super eventful! Everyone is on vacations, so the odds of finding anyone at home is 0 to 100! Wooooooooooo! I didn't ever think I'd see sooo many drunk people in the street either. Usually the drunk people are nicer than the sober people. Silly lamanites are sooo confused on what happiness is. But through the craziness in the streets we still managed to find some new people! I'm hoping for a Little more success this week  :)

I hope your 2014 was as good as mine and you have as many new years resolutions as I have!! Bring it on 2015! I'm excited for this year! My only full year in the misión!!!!!

Elder Minnick

Skyping with Elder Minnick on Christmas Day!!  

Weston and his comp!


Merry Christmas!

Home Alone 2 on P-Day at the Church


District Meeting

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