Tuesday, January 6, 2015


I had a wild New Year's Party! Bought a bottle of coke and lit a fire in my house. Burned some cockroaches and made a torch with an axe bottle. Went to bed at 10:30.... pm or am, I'm not sure. The two liter coke hit me hard.  Legit though, the morning of the New Year was HILARIOUS. So many drunk people in the street. Most of them were sleeping.  Everyone lit fires all over-- so that was fun. I had some really great conversations! Won't forget this day.
No but really this was a super crazy week! So many things happened and I had a ton of cool experiences. We had two surprise baptisms! They weren't so much a surprise but EARLY! We had them both planned for the 10th of January but Maria de Jesus told us Wednesday that she got a job on the other side of the country, that she was leaving next Tuesday and it would be better if she wasn't baptized. It was a littttle frustrating in the moment but we didn't take no for an answer...I was ready to drag her into the baptismal font if I had to. We have been working with her since November, passing by her house almost everyday and she is so awesome! But after some super powerful lessons and some inspired promises, and asking President if we could baptize her this past Saturday -- she got baptized! It really was a miracle, and I won't forget this tender mercy. The other baptism was Erik! His mom is a member, but they became less active two weeks after she was baptized, and that was five years ago!! It was cool to see the family reactivated! Erik is a stud. The baptism was last minute but we still had an awesome experience! 
We contacted this guy in the street named Pablo! He lived in Utah for 17 years, his two kids and ex-wife are members, and some missionaries at Temple Square gave him a B of M. He got deported 8 years ago. This guy has been an answer to my prayers. I found another B of M in English to give him. He's been typing it up, because he wants to practice -- next month he starts his job as a customer service guy. He did a ton of construction back home. He told me he worked on the temple grounds and he always talks about President Hinckley. He told me one day he met him! I don't know how much I believe because he's convinced hes still alive! Pablo is a funny guy and will be baptized next month!
It was a super hard week and sometimes I just wanted to fall over cause I was soo tired, but it was so worth it. There is no greater feeling then helping other people come unto Christ! My testimony of prayer and fasting was strengthened this week!  I know God hears and answer every single one of our prayers, and answers them in the perfect way!
Happy 2015,
Elder Minnick

Tam:  Comp desk clean... Elder Minnick desk dirty -- Weston doesn't have Britt around!!!  :)  

"My Saturday is better than your Saturday!!"
Tami: Weston has the knee pop down  

Tam:  Love to see them BOTH smiling!!  Good sign!!  

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