Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Pray in your heart!


Muchismo gracias for all of the happy birthday wishes! My eyes popped out of my head when I saw how many I had! I'd love to respond to them all but I don't type very fast! I feel very, very loved! Thank You! :)

Some weeks feel long out here but the majority go by too fast! This week was one of the fastest! I don't know how to slow this whole mission down but if somebody does please let me know!

We had a multi-zone conference with President this week! It was sooooooooo awesome! One of the things that really touched me was when we talked about having a prayer in our hearts. I've probably heard it about a billion and 5 times but I guess I never really understood it. Christ taught that we should have a prayer in our hearts constantly, in every single moment. So I tried it this week, and we saw miracles! I learned how easy and simply the Spirit can work through us, but only if we let it! 

Some of the miracles were simple but others were huge!! We saw a ton with Judith and Paco! They aren't married...but they are working on it. But we had a really cool lesson with them on tithing. They don't exactly have any money to get married, but we made a promise with them that if they fasted and prayed the Lord would provide a way for them to keep the law of chastity and get married in this next week! They called us two nights later and told us that Paco got an early pay check and they went and paid this morning so they can get married this week! We are praying real hard that they can be married Friday. President gave us permission to baptize them Sunday after church because I'll probably have changes next week! Its been soo cool to see them progress so fast this week, especially because we've been teaching them since November!

I was very humbled because I learned that I've been relying too much on my knowledge and my abilities, but I know that by the power of the Holy Ghost and the enabling power of the atonement ALL things are possible, and when we allow the Spirit to do the walking and the talking -- miracles follow!

elder minnick

Cake Face!

Made pizza hoy!

Weston having fun with his comp!  

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