Tuesday, January 20, 2015

To Obey is Better Than To Sacrifice

Hola mis amigos. Mexico is great and much warmer than home :)  Had one of those weeks where so many things happened that I can't remember last Monday. Friday is even a little hazy. So I'll start today and work backwards.

I bought myself a fancy new birthday suit. I love Mexico because if you look hard enough you can always find dirt cheap but super cool things. Then we walked around the centro again and saw all the cool things here in Leon for the 100th time! I guess I've learned the city pretty well! 

(Tam note:  I asked Weston... "Is BDay suit a real suit?"  This was his response, "hahah yeah I didn't even think of that... clarify for me.  It's light gray and awesome. I pick it up next Monday!")

Sunday.... I spoke in church.. again :) This time on love, service, and missionary work. My three favorite things. We had a ton of people in church -- filled one row with investigadores and another with less active members! Sundays are either the worst or the best... its awful when nobody shows up, but miracles happen when they do and start talking with the members.  I love Sundays because of the Sacrament. I wish I REALLY understood the sacrament before my misión. Best 10 minutes of the week by far. 

Saturday... We helped a guy move to another house. I rode in the back of his truck with his chickens, llama, and mattress. I'm mad I didnt have my camera. Classic.

Friday through Monday... Like I said this part gets hazy and I can't remember what happened before.

I learned a ton about obedience this week. Not because I'm a disobedient missionary, but because I'm not a perfectly obedient missionary. I learned that disobedient and not perfectly obedient are the same thing! I also learned that obedience is better than sacrifice! 1 Samuel 15:22  So that means I have lots of repenting to do! This week I'm especially grateful for the opportunity I have to learn from my mistakes, and above all for the Atonement -- only through Christ's ultimate sacrifice can the weak become strong!

SHOUTOUT...Great Grandpa Heaton! Happy Birthday the 23rd! You're the youngest 90 year old in the world! Love you!

Elder Minnick

Tam Note:  Missionary Mom FAIL!!  It is Weston's birthday THIS Friday, the 24th.  We totally forgot to wish Weston Happy Birthday on Monday (yesterday).  I was thinking we had another Monday.  And... he probably won't get his bday pkg. either.  SOOOOO, help a mom out!!! Email Weston a quick happy birthday!  weston.minnick@myldsmail.net   We can flood his inbox with belated Birthday wishes!!!  Thanks for your HELP!!  

Tam:  Classic Weston.  GQ pose with his eyes closed!!  

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