Tuesday, January 13, 2015

super late Christmas


I need to thank all my wonderful friends, family, and Abbey Kener for the packages this week! 

(TAMI: Weston sent a separate email that said he got packages from Aunt Kim, Jill Klein, The Willes Family, Keners and ME.  SO SO happy he finally received them.  I'm not sure if the Mexican post or the mission is just WAAAAAY slow at delivering... but Weston didn't seem to care, just loves hearing from you all!!)   

My zone leaders hate me, cause they had to bring all 6 packages here all the way from Queretaro :)     Ha Ha Ha they will forgive me after I share all the candy I got.  Elder Perez told me to tell you thanks Mom!  He told me that this week I need to help him write a thank you letter in English! He is learing fast... he can say "Elder Minnick is pretty" and he can almost pray without help!  WOO!!!

This week was super normal. We worked hard, walked a ton, and ate too much. Yesterday we were walking to a members house to eat, and they live in a not so pretty place.  This drunk guy started talking to me in English.... and next thing I knew he had one of my shoes!  It was awesome!  But he was super drunk and fell over... he dropped my shoe and then started talking in Spanglish again like nothing happened.  We had a good laugh!

We are going to have a wedding next Monday!!! Judith and Oscar. We are hoping they will get baptized the 24th... I'm praying for it!  They asked me to be a witness but I don't think I can! Either way I'm stoked. We've been working with them forever.

Well there's your little update of my life. Hope all is well back home, and if not, its because you need to read the Book of Mormon MORE, and exercise MORE humility!!!! 

elder minnick :)

Christmas finally came!!  Thanks Aunt Kim, Jill Klein, The Willes Family, Abbey Kener, and MOM!

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