Thursday, November 6, 2014

Stellar week...

Fam and Frens,

I had another stellar week :)

We had interviews with President Merjorda Wednesday.  I dread interviews because that usually means an hour of chastising from dad. But this week I was sooooooooooooo excited to have an interview with President, hoping he'd just chastise the crap out of me and tell me everything I need to do better... but unlike interviews with my old man, this one lasted like 45 seconds with three questions. I was bummed.

Other than that our week was good. We found a ton of new people, we are always dropping a ton of people....AND, a ton of people love Jesus but are too lazy to do anything about it.   I kinda guess for every 20ish people we find one of them will be baptized!!!   Yay for contacting and references!

We had one of our progressing investigators quit his job this week so he could go to church Sundays! He literally has nothing, but exercised some faith and the Lord blessed him with a better job, better hours and better pay! We were stoked. He gets baptized this month.

Today we went to a park and rented some bikes.... there was a little track there... reminded me of that one time when I destroyed dad's Yamaha 450... the track was exactly like that... but don't worry mom I didn't even crash and all my bones are fine :)  Tam note:  the first question I asked before I even finished reading the letter "WHAT KIND OF BIKE?"  see pics... lol

I have changes next week...feeling kind of nervous. If we don't have changes,  I'll be with Elder Manning for his last change and end up being in this area for at least a total of 6 months. That's what I want, but both Elder Manning and I feel like we are going to have changes.  Either way I'm nervous for this week!

Elder Minnick

P.S. Got your letter GPA Chuckles. Miss you and love you and thanks for the letter!!!

Tam:  Weston sent no captions with the pics, but I will caption them "HAPPY WESTON!"  Seriously, not sure if I have ever seen him so happy.  Makes it a ton easier to not MISS him.  Finally.... I have told both of my kids... a 45 second interview with the mission president is WAY better than a 45 minute interview. :)   Currently...poor Zane is getting all of Jay's attention!  Don't let my kids fool you, they all secretly LOVE Jay's father's interviews!!! 


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