Monday, October 20, 2014

The zoo!

Friends and Fam,

Nothing as exciting as getting hit by a car this week...sorry.

No this was a really good humbling week. It was super disappointing. We had to drop a family and another investigador.... Super frustrating when the salvation of someone is more important to you than it is to them. 

I got super mad at myself this week too. This whole Spanish thing is frustrating and our one promising baptism for this month fell through. But Elder Manning and I repented of all our imperfections and mistakes this week, and I'm feeling much better for this next week.

Like I said... not many super exciting things happened this week, but I'm grateful for tomorrow and the chance we have everyday to better ourselves!

We went to the zoo today! I got some sick pics!!!

Love you all!

Elder Minnick

Some call it work, I call it therapy!!
Tam: The hat and pen behind the ear... same old Weston!!! The mold on the the wall behind him -- killing me!!!  :/

Selfies for mom!

Pucker up! 
Pretty Bird!!!

Obispo let me use his iPad!!

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