Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Hey FAM!

How exciting this week was! I went to the temple...well kind of.

The temple in Tijuana was dedicated yesterday, and we got to see it from the extension of the temple (my stake center). We went to 2 sessions and ate with the prior Mission President from Leon and his family. It was a perfect day. :)

Going to the temple for me was the greatest Christmas present I've gotten this year (momma´s Christmas package in a close second place).  I felt a peace and joy that you can really only find in the Lord's House. President Uchtdorf invited the Mexican people to go to the temple often. Go inside, outside, around, and inside again. I extend the same advice to all of you today!

Before my mission, I spent a lot of time at the Draper Temple. In the last 3 months I was at home, I went 2 or 3 times a week. Sometimes, I would sit in my car outside of it, I would do baptisms, I would read my scriptures there. I believe that the best missionary preparation that exists, is in or about the temple. I don't think I would have made it so far without that preparation. SO go to the temple! It should be a priority, not something to do when you have time! As a missionary, I have cherished in my heart family history work, and would love to do it.. but I can't -- that's what little brothers are for!

Whit and Taylor get sealed this week! God blessed me with a very powerful spirit yesterday, and I felt like I was in your sealing! I gotta little sneak peak of what it feels like! I love you guys and I am so happy for you both! I'll be praying for ya'll! :))))

Merry Christmas
Elder Minnick

I received this picture in my Facebook inbox from Stephen Barrus!  He served with Whitney in Guatemala (was her AP)  Stephen is doing a study abroad in Mexico, Queretaro with BYUI.  So fun!!  

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