Tuesday, March 15, 2016

80 years of preparation!


Here's a quick letter. Yes momma, I'm happy, healthy and busy! All is well here in the ward. Aaron is going to get baptized on the 6th of April... Its a special day!

Francisco got baptized last Saturday. He's 80 years old! He has been a real hero for me since I met him about 5 weeks ago. It surprised me how quickly such a old guy could progress. From the first visit he kept every commitment, hasn't missed a Sunday, paid his tithing, fasted, and offered the prayers in sacrament meeting. It's been a real blessing getting to know him. He's been a huge example to me!

I've been learning a lot here... How to plan well and use time wisely. :)  I know my Savior lives! He loves us! He died for us! 

Elder Minnick

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