Monday, March 28, 2016

12 Left!


I had one of those weeks.... One where you sleep in your own bed once and then a night on a random floor and another night in the hospital and then another night in no man's land... and then you finally get back home and it's Sunday again. But I'm good and I wasn't the sick one... Shout out to Elder Erekson...You're a trooper! 

I was in a branch with Elder Marcial for a day and we found a family that was in his home Ward about 10 years ago... Talk about God preparing people to teach! Small world. They have a 10 year-old kid dying to be baptized and a newlywed who is very interested in the church. They had been praying for about 2 months to find the missionaries so that they could reactivate themselves and invite their family to listen too... We found them at a bus stop.   We had nothing to do because all the plans fell through and decided to relax for a moment...and they came to us! 

We had changes yesterday...That meant I was doing phone calls from about 5-11 pm. Wasn't exactly how I wanted to spend my Easter, so we celebrated today! I felt the spirit strongly as I studied my favorite chapter in the Book of Mormon, 3 Nephi 11. He lives!

Elder Minnick 

Love ya mom!

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