Monday, April 4, 2016

Ask and ye shall receive


I'm feeling grateful this week. I had some awesome experiences. I'll share a few!

Monday night before we went to work, we offered a sincere prayer asking for a small miracle. We just asked for God to put the prepared in our path, and for His Spirit so we could recognize them. Within the hour we found Gerardo, who was an investigator we had a while back who was preparing for baptism but disappeared. We are teaching him again! The days after that, we found some very amazing people without very much effort on our part, because we were a little busy in our other responsibilities. It was very clear that God hears our prayer and expects us to do our best to invite the Spirit into our lives. A week full of "little" miracles.

Wednesday was a hard day. I did not want to get out of bed. With a million things going on, I just wasn't feeling it... So I rolled out of bed and said another simple prayer asking for help, strength, and just for someone to help me smile. All these things didn't come as quick as I wanted so I repeated the process a couple times. After prayer number three I received the impression, "try being grateful dummy" and switched up my prayer.  Instantly I started to see the blessings... A member brought us a big of cereal, another member hitched us a ride to church, and then a good friend called and made me laugh hard. I also got news that a family I was teaching in another area gets baptized in two weeks. I don't getting these great things were necessary to be happy, I believe the key to happiness is choosing to be happy.

Aaron will be baptized Wednesday! Go Aaron! We are inviting his less active family members to participate in his baptismal program and they are all thrilled!

Conference was awesome! I switched from Spanish to English every session... Feels the same! I didn't take very many notes. Almost every impression I received was about sincerity and integrity. One of the great lessons I learned in conference is that the Spirit has a specific message for any individual that has their Spirit open to repentance!

I love you all family!

Elder Minnick

Elder Mohl

Elder Zapata


Three future missionaries 

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