Monday, April 18, 2016

Parques Del Sur


I took a trip down memory lane! I was in Leon last Monday and Tuesday, so I asked for permission to do divisions in my first area! I took the opportunity to go see some converts :) I couldn't find them all, but I did find about 6 of them. Some of them are doing very very well, and some others not so well. With all of them, we talked about the temple. We talked about goals to go for the first time, or to go again. I felt really really happy to see some of my dearest friends share their testimonies! One of the greatest days of my mission. 

So many memories came back to me as I walked those same streets again. I remembered almost perfectly how I felt, thought, and acted when I arrived here. I thought about some of the really hard times and about those life changing experiences that I have had. I felt happy to see how far I've progressed, and understood what the Lord wants me to do before I go home. I felt like 22 months of missionary service hit me right in the gut (Tacos and all)!  I took the opportunity to thank God for bringing me here! For giving me a missionary experience that exceeded my highest expectations. I thank Him every day for my Savior and Redeemer, the Man that gives me hope for a amazing future and gives me a reason to work with every thing I got! 

Right now we are going to play fútbol all day :)  Never thought I'd say that I love soccer!

Love you guys!!!!

Elder Minnick


Saul y Cristian 

Coming at you LIVE!

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