Monday, June 6, 2016

Lessons in the Baptismal Font


Man.... we ate a lot this week. I’m thinking I’ll probably gain all the weight I lost cause I just love Mexican food. One of the greatest things about Mexico is that everyone and their dog is offering food, and even when you can’t eat more they’ll serve ya another plate.  Imma fatty.

We worked hard this week.  Laura is awesome!  She has gone to church once and is already paying her fast offerings and taking food to the relief society activities. The ward has been a huge help, we don’t even have to teach much, we just answer questions! The greatest blessing in the mission is being able to see the mighty change of heart that people have when they come unto Christ.

Yesterday after church, we divided up with some members, opened up the church and contacted péople right outside. We invited them for a 5 minute tour, and ran them through the whole church. It was cool because the stake choir was practicing. The last part of the tour was in the empty baptismal font, where we explained the importance of faith, repentance and baptism. We met a girl named Jazmin that had a million and two questions when we were finishing in the font. The spirit was super strong and we shared our simple testimonies of the Book of Mormon. It was one of those moments that makes all the hard times worth it! We are gunna have another lesson with her saturday, but we hope she can come to the baptism friday! 

Well….I only promise one more letter! See ya'll soon!

Elder Minnick

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