Monday, May 30, 2016

Brazilian Buffets and Baptisms!


What can I say..... I feel very blessed. I loved this last week. It was super crazy which just made it more fun. We did divisiones with some district leaders, had a bunch of baptismal interviews, and were all over the place. 

Ana and Laura have been progressing very well. The two of them have been a walking miracle! We taught the restoration to Laura, and gave her the pamphlet for the word of wisdom. The next day, we got a message that said, "I stopped drinking coffee and tea, and I taught my friend to stop too!"  She is great!

Some of the sister's investigators asked us to baptize them, so I baptized Karen! It was a special moment for me, because it just might be my last time in the font as a missionary. Ana and Laura will be baptized before I leave but we plan on inviting the members to baptize!

Wednesday a member gave us money to go eat, so we naturally decided to go eat all you can eat Brazilian buffet...which is just really a bunch of meat. After 2 years in Mexico, my stomach has converted in to steel so I was all good!  However, our Peruvian companion just hasn't gotten to that point yet, so after 3 days in the bathroom he finally decided to call the doctor, and we spent Saturday and Sunday in the hospital. I spent about 15 hours in a lounge chair while my other comp, Elder Ramirez went to work and to church with the members. For the first 5 hours there my legs hurt for not doing anything, and the other 10  hours I really relaxed for the first time in a long time. It felt so good that I didn't even get up to eat. I'm pretty sure I wont have another moment like that for a while, so I enjoyed it. :) In the end, Elder Pacheco lives and we left the hospital this morning. 

Happy June!

Elder Minnick

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