Monday, May 16, 2016

This work is FUN!!



This week was just super awesome. It has been so fun to be back in Colinas. I already know all the members and converts so the appointments with members are super chill. We also found a TON of my old investigators so the work was a breeze.

We did a special fast with the sister missionaries in our ward to find new people Saturday. We worked all day knocking doors, contacting people and buses. We didn't have any success but we we didn't get down on ourselves and were confident that something awesome would happen. We sat down for a couple minutes to talk with the local drunk guy, when out of the nowhere some 19 year-old girl was running towards us yelling, "Elders, Elders!"  She explained to us that she was living in Mexico City for 2  months and had been going to church. She had been looking for us for 2 weeks! She broke up with her boyfriend and now lives about 2 streets away from. We were a little surprised and I just asked her if she was a member of the church. She said, "No, but I want to be baptized."  I learned a thing or two about exercising faith and being in the right place at the right time. I am very grateful to God for being able to witness such a cool miracle.

I am confident that I could not enjoy being a missionary more. It's so much fun. My zone has the goal to contact every bus we take... I pay the bus driver, and without checking how many people are on the bus I start talking. It's super nerve racking because sometimes the bus is super full and other times its empty but I like the surprise. I love being a missionary!

Well.... I'm thinking of just not sending any more pics! You can all see me when I get home! 

Elder Minnick

P.S.  CONGRATS ZANE on TAKING STATE! You're the man!!!!!

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