Thursday, July 31, 2014

Missions are cool too!

Hello Friends and Family!!!

It's been a crazy past couple weeks here in the Mexico CCM!!!

Last P-Day was kinda nuts because all the Elders y Hermanas serving in Mexico had to go get our visas. It took pretty much the whole day so we didn't get much time to write... but that's okay because now I get to live in Mexico for a couple years. :)

I love Mexico City. It's flippin crazy here. We wake up every night and every morning to giant banging sounds out in the city. Can't decide if they are gun shots or bombs.... either way I'm satisfied that I will live through it. I listen to Spanish rap music that is blasted every Saturday ALL NIGHT. Dogs bark all the time and I hear about 1000 police sirens a day. The CCM is a little oasis in the middle of one of the most populated cities in the world. It's crazy that the Spirit can be so strong when its surrounded by absolute chaos. Downtown Mexico City was kinda cool. While we were waiting outside for our visas we talked to a lot of people.... more like tried to talk, but I think they understood what I was trying to say about The Book of Mormon containing the word of God. 

Life in the CCM is way chill. I didn't think I would be able to sit in a class room all day, but somehow I'm pulling it off. I pace a lot.... drives my whole district crazy. My district is way sick too. We have 6 Elders and 2 Hermanas serving in the same mission as me and the 4 others are serving in Veracruz. I've met a couple Elders heading over to Xalapa too. They'll probably end up serving with Jordan! All the Elders I've met are way tight. I'm rooming with Elder Mohl who is from Texas... He went to Snow for a year. Funniest kid I've ever met. Elder Peterson is his comp... he is a real cowboy from Idaho. Dad you can think you're a cowboy all you want but you're just not there yet. Elder Peterson is going to take me on some crazy horse rides when we get home in exchange for some of Dad's precious boots :)

I get 1 hour of gym time every day too. For all my meat head friends that means you can lift everyday! (Cahoon and Sanderson) no protein though... sorry guys. The food here makes meal time one of my least favorite times of the day. Every now and then they put out peanut butter and nutella... I've never been so tempted to steal in my life. So I play about an hour of basketball a day... I've lost about 10 pounds since I've gotten here,  but I'm not complaining :)

Mom I thought you'd be proud that after I ripped my pants, I sewed them up all by myself... I can actually do my own laundry too. I have messy roommates but I don't mind. I tell them I won't share all my precious root beer if they don't clean up. :) 

It rains a lot here... the rainstorm we had last night was nuts! The CCM was flooded in about 30 minutes. It was crazy. It hails even though its like 70 degrees and we usually lose power too. Its tight.

I learn soooo much here every day. I love the BoM.  It's my biggest stress reliever.  Any free time I have is BoM time.  I know without a single doubt in my mind that it is the word of God and contains the fullness of this gospel. I am stronger when I apply its teachings in my life and I know that it can change lives. There is always something new in it. I've finished it once since I've gotten here and I'm already in the middle of Alma again... reading it in Spanish every now and then has helped me not only learn the language but to dissect it a little better. 

We teach 5 or 6 times a week. They aren't real investigators, but I already can feel what its like to have real ones. I love Preach My Gospel.  Fun fact... it took 7 years to complete PMG. It's chalk full of GOLD. I recommend it to anyone, not just missionaries. I learned that its first purpose is to convert the reader before the reader converts anyone...

Only like 2.5 more weeks in the MTC... I'm STOKED to get in the field. I miss you all and I pray for you all!   Dear Elder is awesome...All the other Elders hate me cause my mommy writes me dear elder's each week!  They all love you for the soda and donuts too. Love you mom!

Elder Minnick

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