Thursday, August 7, 2014

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Hola friends and family!!!

Another week here in the CCM.... only 11 days left until I'm out in the field.... and lemme tell ya guys, I AM SOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED. The MTC is cool and all, and I learn about 1000000 million things that improves my life every day, but I want to go invite some Mexicans to come unto Christ. My Spanish is improving but I still have a lot to learn. Note to Whittles.... congrats on rolling your R's. It only took you 14 months! Hey.... I can't do it either. Hopefully I'll be able to figure it out in under a year :) I only have 23 months left... I've decided that isn't enough time.

It was a little more of a challenging week... mostly because I got this gnarly head cold that nagged me with headaches all day. Sunday was hard because I was fasting and sick and I was up all night. Luckily I have a Savior that suffered, bled and died for me. Because of the enabling power of the Atonement, I was able to suck it up, fast, bear my testimony, and enjoy my fav day of the week. I also learned that I learn best when I'm weak... That's when I have the most room to improve. Weakness is AWESOME.

I love missions. They get me really excited to have a future family. In fact, my FAVORITE  thing to teach is how the Gospel blesses families. This is great because everyone needs family.  Especially me.  I am grateful for my family... every single one of you.

I got to go to the temple today... unfortunately the Mexico City Temple is closed because it needs some work done, but the visitors center is awesome! I also got some sick stuff for ya Zaners. I'm spoiling you for your birthday man.

Mexico City Temple

Elder Salina of the seventy came and spoke to us this week. He talked a lot about obedience, and why we should be obedient. We should be obedient because we love God and our Savior, Jesus Christ. The blessings from obedience are cool and all, but we should strive to be obedient even if God doesn't bless us. I learned that he who becomes obedient by habit becomes indifferent in the kingdom of God. It doesn't matter where he will serve, or what he does, or where he is, he serves because he loves the Savior. I learned that he who obeys out of fear becomes tired. He who obeys under social pressure becomes prideful and a hypocrite. And finally, obedience under force brings rebellion. I strive to be 100% obedient every day, even though sometimes it is difficult.

You are not called to serve in a place but you are called to serve in the place of the Savior.

I read the whole book of Alma in like 2 days this week.... and man do I love that stuff. For those of you not reading the Book of Mormon every day.... I am sorry! You are only punishing yourself! I promise that if you read it every day, you will be happier, things will be easier, and that you will become stronger!

Elder Minnick

Go & Do

When it hails!


Comp - Elder Ramirez

My District!  (all but 4 headed to Querétaro!)

Temple Time!

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