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Lemme tell ya guys...This has literally been the craziest week of my life...and I’ve had some crazy weeks. It’s also been one of the hardest weeks of my life. I didn’t know what a hard week was until this one :) But, I’ve never grown so close to my father in heaven in such a short amount of time. I'm going to  do my best to explain this week...but bear with me if I get lost :)

I got up at 4 AM last Monday morning and hopped onto a bus to Querétaro... it was super nice so I slept for a solid 4 hours. Our mission President, Mejorada, and his wife picked us up with the APs. President reminds me of President Holmes, so it’s easy to say I love him already :) We went to the mission home, in a neighborhood that is a mix of Pepperwood and Draper Heights. Ate food, got interviewed, and then the luxury ended and I haven’t seen it since...I went out and did some contacting with Elder Flores of Argentina...he spoke no English so that was super sick because we contacted a bunch of people on the bus. He taught me how to contact, and then a crazy rainstorm blew in. We ran like 4 miles through the rain back to the mission offices and slept there. 

I met my comp the next day...Elder Manning of Tremonton, UTAH. (Tam note -- Weston typed in his letter Tree Mountain, UT -- took me a while to figure out "Tremonton".  IS there a Tree Mountain, UT :)   He has 20 months in the mission...I’ve been praying for an awesome trainer, and let me tell ya.... my prayers were answered. I'm blessed to have a trainer like him. He’s awesome. And we found out something pretty cool. Before he got to Mexico, he had visa problems, so they sent him to the SLC South Mission... and served in our stake, Draper South Mtn,  and the Corner Canyon Stake. He pulled out his old planner and journal. We found pages where he had dinner at Corby and Suzanne Campbell’s home, and he also met with President Holmes, Mike Pratt, and DAD!!!! He was only there for 1.5 weeks, and doesn’t remember our house, but he had it scheduled in his planner and it said they stopped by. He also had Emily King's name written in the planner, and went to another baptism of a kid from our school. It was a good little home flash back. :)

I am serving in Parque de Sur Area. It’s in Leon, which is boot capital of Mexico... and the boots here are waaaaay cooler then any boots that dad has.  Sorry dad... I'll bring a pair home. :) We are also opening a new area... this has been pretty difficult.  We are still meeting people in our ward. WE went to ward council yesterday, and it reminded me a lot of home -- but they get really excited about missionary work. The members here are awesome. They feed us everyday, and I haven’t gotten one bad meal. All the food here is awesome. especially the street tacos :)  You gotta be careful with the water though....Its SKETCH.

My area... its not exactly super dangerous.... my comp is smart and knows where to be and where not to be. There are some neighborhoods that are best avoiding, especially in the late afternoon. We’ve only had stuff thrown at us once or twice :)  Its been hard opening up an area... we work all day and sometimes don’t have enough time to eat, and I haven’t had time to go shopping yet so I get kinda starving...but that’s okay. This work is the most important thing I can do right now, and I want to give it my all. I know that if I do all I can, the Lord will provide the rest for me. God’s law of harvest is that if we want something later, we have to work for it now.

We play soccer every morning... I am awful but so are the rest of us white guys, so its fun :) 

Like I said, it’s been crazy. I can’t remember a lot so I’m just going to talk about my favorite mission rules:

1. Invite to baptism on the first visit.
2. Ask for references from everyone, every visit, always x 100.
3. If the don’t have a baptism date within a week of the first lesson, drop em and let the lord prepare them before we return.
4. Leave the lesson when the spirit is strongest, even when your only 5 minutes into it.

If I didn’t have a sure testimony of this work before, I do now. There isn’t enough time in the day to get everything we have done. I have a lot of room to improve especially with my Spanish. I know that I can improve everyday because with faith, hard work, and much prayer, ALL things are possible.

I wish I could share more but I love you all. I’m blessed to have such amazing family and friends back home! I miss you all and hope that you all are remembering the covenants we have made! I hope you all remember what it means when you partake of the sacrament. Don’t forget the Savior! 

The best way to send me mail is to my mission office! Momma por favor put that address on this email (Mom note: address on sidebar of blog), cause I don’t have it with me. If you send any packages, send it to the same address through DHL. Its the best way for me cause its a ton cheaper for me, and I don’t have to sign for it! 

As of now, I don’t have a house, so I sleep on the floor of the other Elders super ghetto apartment.. I shower out of a bucket. Its AWESOME! Peace and blessings!

Elder Minnick

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