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I just read my sister's letter, and I just want to first tell you guys that I don’t think I'll ever write a letter that good. Sorry to disappoint. Also I want to testify of her words, that I know they are true, that Christ is truly the living Son of the living God.

There a couple things I am really proud to share this week. I know pride is an awful thing but I’m imperfect and I just gotta be happy for myself this one time :) 

1. After 8 weeks of struggling every night... I finally figured out how to do those dumb rubix cubes. All by myself. No help. It’s pretty much a life accomplishment. 

2. I invited someone to be baptized. We have about 8 investigators in our new area preparing as of now, but my companion has done most of the talking. I’ve been used to sharing my little part or testifying of a scripture, but I haven’t really allowed myself to just be myself. So yesterday (Sunday), after sacrament meeting, we ran into a man named Ricardo. He actually came to the capilla all by himself. He is addicted to things that he shouldn’t be and decided that he was going to change. So he came to the chapel and we were the first people he ran in to. We taught him about the Resto, LdM, and Word of Wisdom. I think I can put this lesson at one of the top most spiritual moments in my life. I talked more than I ever have previously; I invited him to be baptized. He said YES and when I asked him why, he said --  because he wants God to change him. I almost cried.

3. I gave two priesthood blessings this week, and one was in Spanish. I have a personal witness of the gift of tongues and also the gift of the Holy Ghost. 

4.  This week also during my personal study, I did an in depth study of my patriarchal blessing. And the more I studied, the more I realized a couple of things. One, the importance of missionary work in my whole life. I’ve only been here for 8 weeks, and I am a new person. My mission is preparing me to be a future father. Because of my mission, I am harder-working, smarter, and happier. I am absolutely thrilled to see how my Savior will change my life in the next 22 ish months. 

I finally got food this week. Peanut Butter, Nutella, Costco muffins. We also found a house.... and it has 2 BATHROOMS! WOOOOOO! We find out more about it in an hour :)

One last thing... we worked with a ton of less actives these past couple weeks. We had 8 of the 13 less active families we visited come to church Sunday! It is amazing to see the smile on their faces as they feel the spirit again and partake of the sacrament. My favorite part of the sacrament prayer is that we promise to always take His name upon us. Every week. I’m blessed to wear His name on my shirt everyday.

I’m sorry to say this... but I don’t miss home. You guys are cool and all, and I miss your faces, but there is no better place I could be right now, and I could not be happier with the trials I have everyday, and this great work I’m doing :)

Elder Minnick

P.S.’re welcome. The only reason you got that puppy is because I left. You should probably just name it after me. If you hear dad complaining about it, tell him to stop being a complainer. He doesn’t like don’t put up with his crap.

P.S.S. Mom and Dad I love you :)

My homie Elder Greene from the CCM





messy desk :)

Pre Habanero.. wish I could send you the video. It's hilarious. When this card is full, I will send it home

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