Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Changes! (dumb title)

To the Fam:

You can send it out if you want... but I don't want to please the world this week :) 

Hahaha, I'm not really getting changed.  But I didn't really know what else to put as the subject... we did change our house this week. And I'm freakin stoked.  Its beautiful.  Even though it has like a million cockroaches and the walls look like pee. But its super nice and super big, and we spent like 5 hours cleaning it!!!   SO FUN!!!   But other things are getting changed.   Almost my entire zone, because so many people go home this week. We will have seven companionships in our zone in training!! Super sick right?  Now I'm not the only white guy that can't speak Spanish! wooooooo

I'm really tight with my zone leaders. They told me today to prepare to train... because they think I'm training next change! That means 6 weeks to perfect my Spanish!!!  I'm actually really stoked. I decided that if I could have one calling or leadership position in the mission that I want to be a trainer...  Office sounds boring and being a district or zone leader means you have to hear the Hermana's complain every day.  TAM NOTE: Weston is throwing this out to tease his sister and make sure she is really reading his letters  :)  My comp is the district leader and he is the most patient person I know!!  I'd much rather train a South American dude.  They have cool  stories, and sweeet testimonies!  But I'm looking forward to what the Lord has in store for me.

Not much to report on this week.  We had another baptism, with a 13 year old boy named Sachel!  He's sweet!  We blessed a couple babies in the stake president's office. Got our first family to commit to baptism... I'm dying to baptize an entire family.  I wanna wear that green tie Spencer gave me.  Elder Manning and I ate something bad this week, so we weren't at the doctor and kinda suffered for a day. I didn't take one picture this whole week!! so so so sorry --  but you'll have to live without seeing my face for a whole week :)

Sorry this letter isn't much but the faster I write, the faster we go eat tacos :)


Elder Minnick

BLOG:  www.elderwestonminnick.blogspot.com
EMAIL:  weston.minnick@myldsmail.net

Tami:  This pic was sent to us from Hunter Nilson.  He has a former mission companion from Queretaro who sent him the pic.  He was feeding the missionaries that day!!  So fun to get a "live" pic.  Happy Weston makes for Happy Momma!!  


Finally... many have asked about sending pkgs. and letters to Weston.  I don't think a single letter has made it yet.  If you have one get through... let me know.  As far as pkgs... I would say don't waste your money until I can figure out what will get through.  I have followed all the rules and two pkgs. so far have been held up in customs in Mexico -- never to be seen again.  Weston said yesterday... "don't worry about it mom... I have every thing I need!! "   

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