Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Busy, busy, busy, busy


First...Super huge birthday shout out to the biggest stud I have ever met, best volleyball player in the family, and my favorite brother Zaners!!!! I love you man and I hope you are having a ton of fun in Disneyland with our 2 super old parents! I hope they aren’t spoiling you too much and that you eat a lot of nice American food :)

This week has hands down been the busiest week of my life. I’ve had this layer of sweat on my forehead every day for like 15 hours and then I sleep with it too. And I LOVE it. 

I could tell you about everyday and about all of my 10000 spiritual experiences I had each day, but I only have an hour to write to all the people I love so I'll just share ONE! :) 

So there is this Taco stand we walk past at least 3 times a day, and every time we pass it we say hi to the woman that works there. After 6 weeks of doing this, she finally asked who we were and if we wanted to buy some tacos...and we said no to the tacos because we don’t wanna get fat, but we were for then happy to explain who we were. After talking to her for like 3 minutes, the only man in all of Leon that thinks he has read the Bible and thinks he is already saved decided to jump on in. He proceeded to tell us how he has studied the Book of Mormon, found it as apostasy, told us how my boy Joseph Smith is crazy, and then started quoting a bunch of out of context scripture from the Bible to us. This poor lady was just standing there terrified. We tried to testify, but he just kept cutting us off. So we just waited until he was done, and he left. I was bummed at first because we just had this solid contact, and some preacher just scared our lady off. But the opposite happened. Instead she just wanted to know more, and now she’s got a date to be baptized on the 1st of November. 

Its been a crazy 6 weeks here and its awesome because we are finally starting to see a TON of success from all our hard work...I’m just praying I don’t get transferred this week! I love this ward already!!!

Elder Minnick

Amazing Mexico!

My amazing photo skillz

These are 2 of my favorite kids from one 
of my favorite families that are investigating.
Meet Poco and Andrea!

This is for all you rich people with 
fancy campfires in your backyards.

I love you family!

Only mom will understand how happy this makes me!

My homies playing fut everyday!

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