Tuesday, September 9, 2014



I just went to the plaza in Leon.... I don't have much to say about it another than there are one billion stores and many of them have more boots than dads office. And better yet, every single pair is probably about 300 dollars cheaper. I haven't bought yet, because this whole mission thing has made me super cheap. But I did buy this way tight leather snake skin thingy bag, and some sick leather ties. I also got a bunch of goodies I'm sending home soon so you guys can't forget about me :)

Dad would love Leon!

Today was another great weak... just with a lot more speed bumps :)  Both me and my comp got a little sick this week, at different times. This was a super good experience for me because I got a lot of time to teach lessons by myself. I testify of the gift of tongues and the power of the Holy Ghost, because there is absolutely no way I could have done it alone. :) I love Elder Manning! He's a stud! I told him about Dad's "Can't Died" shirts, and we actually used it in a lesson. It was super powerful.

I had another super cool experience, and I gotta thank my sister for it. I remember like 100 years ago me and Whit were in a fight, and I locked myself in my room. She came up to my door and slid a paper through it, and all it said was DC 64:9-11. I don't think she will remember this, but I did in the middle of the lesson. These verses focus on forgiveness, and I've never been able to hold a grudge since. I was able to share this scripture with one Hermana who didn't want to forgive her husband... and she took it to heart, and invited her husband to meet with her and the Bishop this week. Thanks Whittles.

This week I decided that I will never ever buy a VW. The majority of the service I do here is some how related to cars. We push them, change tires, everything, and EVERY car we have had a problem with are VW's. On Wednesday night it was raining hard, like enough rain to make every street into rivers. We saw this older couple struggling on the side of the road (in a VW) so we pushed it to their house through rivers. It was way fun :)

I love my mission, but this week I decided that my favorite part of my mission is being able to see the change in peoples lives as they come unto Christ.  Personally, there are few things that compare to the joy I feel as I see this change, and I am grateful for the opportunity I have to live in such a cool place with such cool people. 

Missionary work is so much different here than back home. We had stake conference this week, and we have basically the whole front of the chapel reserved for investigators. We have 41 missionaries in our stake... I'm pretty sure we only have 2 in our home stake. President Mejorada spoke, as well as Elder Reyes of the 70. I love conference!!!!! 

I have 2 months in the mission as of tomorrow... I'm already thinking of extending... sorry mom  :)  too little time and too many things to dooo.

Elder Minnick

This is what a dry road looks like!

Selfie when hiding from the rain!

Sweater Selfies!

Comp Selfie! 
Coke and Jesus! 

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