Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Birthday MOM & DAD!

Haappy Birthday Mom!!!! I love you! I'll never be able to thank you for everything you have done and do and will do for me. One of my greatest blessings is you and pops. I hope you have the greatest birthday ever! Forever 25! :)

Happy Birthday last week Dad! Thank you for showing me how a priesthood man does things. You are my second greatest example and the second greatest dad! ;) I'm sure your hair is even grayer than before and you'll be bald before I get home. :)

These past two weeks have been crazy. I've had  2 full days in 2 weeks to work in my own area. That's been a little rough. I've had to do baptismal interviews, interviews with president, hospital visits (I've felt like dad probably did after taking me to the hospital at least 3 times a year) and exchanges. My comps alright!  He had heart problems before he came out here, and they started up again. It turns out he has some anxiety problems, so we are working on some new things to help him relax... its been really good for me too. We did yoga today in the house... I'm not a fan cause I can't touch my toes anymore but it was fun. Doc told us he's gotta do exercise more so we started running every morning. I'm a fan!

My interview with president was sweet! 1 minute and 20 seconds. and about 60 seconds of that he told me how blessed I am, and that I have great parents. I'm not kidding! He reminded me not to forget where my blessings come from and gave me a hug only President Mejorada could give... they are quality. The other 60 seconds we talked about all my sins and imperfections... he knows me so well.

Well we had some good lessons this week. We've got 3 baptisms for June... I hope! One of the hardest things here is that every kid and his puppy smokes and they have addictions for 50 years. But everything is possible with the atonement of Christ!

Lots of love
elder minnick

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