Monday, May 11, 2015



SOOOOO great to see the fam this week! Cool to see Whit in Jerusalem... all the pics are sweeet and you look good hija. And HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY again Ma!  Love you and miss you all... but the mission is better than home. Looks like not much has changed!

So I had a sweet training this week in Queretaro. President told all of us we are sinners and we need to repent and then taught us that we need to teach people and not manipulate them. I learned that if you don't teach with the spirit your just manipulating people and that's what Satan does-- and you should probably repent.  So I repented and I'm doing all I can to have the Spirit with me always! Being called to repentance never felt sooo good. And no ma, that's not sarcasm.

As for the teaching part of the week we had some awesome experiences. I think I'm starting to get this whole power thing down. The power of the spirit in teaching and all. As I get more and more time in the mission and understand and work more with the spirit, teaching and discussions just get better! Even though I've never smoked or taken drugs, I'm 10000% sure the Spirit is better than any drug. It's Gods power and there is nothing better than when its rushing through you and manifest in a investigator's home! 

I'm addicted ;)   I invite you all to do all you can to live with the spirit in your life! I testify that nobody is truly happy until they have it as a constant companion!

Happy late birthday on Saturday Whit and happy early birthday Dad for the next Monday and happy early birthday to Momma the Monday after that!  A bunch of sweet Mexican stuff coming soon :) 

elder minnick

P.S. Tam note -- most of the comp pics are with Elder Jesus Luis, Weston's old comp.  Weston will miss him!!  

Closed eyes...its a Minnick thing!

Matching camo ties (OH WESTON...)

I hope painting is a skill that Weston is happy to keep up when he gets home!

Playing jokes on his comp!

Skype was awesome!!  
We didn't have the best pic, but we could still see his smile and hear his funny laugh!!  

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