Wednesday, April 29, 2015


hey fam,

I thought I'd write a letter just for you guys today because I'm not in the mood to write... loved all the videos and pics whit and mom sent me.  Your probs all super busy because Whit is going to the holy land soon right?  Have dad give her a blessing and everything will be all right.

Zane looks like he is taller than Whit. Too bad he will never out grow me cause I'm growing too. I finally got my camera fixed mom.  So I'll really send pictures tomorrow, or today if I pass by the church.  The camera got baptized -- but the rice trick works real nice, and then I took it to some techy tienda and they got it nice for me.  It's a little glitchy though. I got a funny video and some good pics.  You'll finally see how fat I've gotten.  Almost as fat as the whole fam back home.  Come live my life and I'll promise you it will all be burned off with a change.

Speaking of changes, I didn't have any, but my comp did! He is going to Celaya.  I'm receiving Elder Chegue.  He's from Acapulco.  He's got about 3 months in the mish.  The cool thing about him is that Pres. Mejorada baptized his grandma when he was on his mission, and after that her whole family got baptized. I'm excited too see what it will be like for this kid....I pick him up tomorrow.

Well Beti didn't get baptized. That's okay, we found out she's had some doubts, but didn't want to tell us cause she really wants to be baptized... but we told her its better if she figures things out first and then we will figure out a way to get her 76 years under water.

I'm stoked to be here another change. We've finally got a solid base of people and working with the "ward"!  

I'm going to send some birthday packages home next week.  May stresses me out cause there are about 40 birthdays and they are all important.  BUT, we get to see each other in two weeks!

I stopped drinking soda about a month ago... I actually feel the difference. I drink like 4 liters of water a day -- beat that dad!  There are GNCs all over the place here in Mexico too. they are more popular here than they are in the US. So I have protein and vitamins. 

The mission life is great -- I'm always super tired and don't even have time to think,  but I think they designed it to be that way... I'm sure God just wants us to be good, obedient, healthy and spirtually guided children, and just to work work work work. 

Well I'm tired and I wanna go take a quick P-Day nap so have a good week, travel safe, and take care of my bear!



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