Monday, April 6, 2015

He is Here


I had the BEST 10 hours of my life this weekend. I sat still the WHOLE time.  My knee wasn't even shaking. General Conference temporally healed my can't hold still syndrome! But only temporarily -- its back now cause I still pace around my house when I talk to my district every night. (Tam: we really miss dinners with Weston.  He walks in circles about 100 times around our kitchen table--eating and talking as he paces.)

Man I could tell you all about how much I loved every single message that was shared but I left my notebook back home and I gotta translate my Spanglish handwriting first.  My favs were Elder Pinos, Elder Andersen, Elder Bednar, Elder Uchtdorf in Priesthood... and always and forever Elder Holland.  I'm listening to it right now cause I gotta hear the fire in his voice... its just not the same in Spanish, but the Spirit is all the same. 

Nothing strengthens my testimony just quite like Conference does. I had a little realization in a study session on Sunday when I was thinking about how great it is that we have latter-day prophets. I realized that the one thing that makes the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints the one and only true church is that we are built on the rock of Christ. Our foundation is that Christ leads and guides and is the Head of this church. Through his faithful and worthy servants we receive pure revelation. I know that God's word or the words of his prophets are the same. 

I am very blessed to share and declare with everyone I talk to that God has called prophets to the earth once more!  He will not take them off the earth again! How blessed we are to live in this last dispensation, the fullness of times! I know that Christ lives, that He walked again! I know because He lives, I will have an eternal family. He is here! 

Very Happy Easter 

elder minnick

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