Friday, April 3, 2015

Answers to Dads PPI questions...


I decided today that I'd skip a letter and answer dads PPI questions that he sent me. si pops soy digno. Here ya go:

-Are you worthy and clean?  
I'm worthy as I ever have been but its a lucky day when I have a good shower. No but really, I'm obedient and diligent because you can't be diligent without obedience and vice versa. Here's a question for you four: 

Why do missionaries sometimes feel so bad when they are living the gospel so fully? 
If we are doing exactly what the Lord wants us to do, why sometimes do we feel so imperfect?

-How are you feeling?
I'm feeling good. I've never been this fat in my life, but I've been soda free for a week now... I gotta get ripped here so I can feel a little better when I look in the mirror. Generally I'm super healthy, but at least once a change I get a heavy case of diarrhea and that is a bummer. Not as nearly as bad as Whit was in her mission though. Those triste guatemalans are dirty as they get ;)

-How are you doing with the language?  Are you learning every day Spanish?
Language isn't a problem. President told me it has improved a ton in my last interview. There are other elders who have better Spanish then me but I can finally roll my R's. We study every day and I learn a ton from my comp.  He is pumped to learn English. He loves American music so I translate popular songs for him and we laugh all night before we go to bed.

-How is your companion doing?
My comp is doing better. He came out here without a testimony, and he's still working on that one. His aunts and uncles forced him out here, his parents are passive when it comes to the gospel. He's learning a lot and is hilarious. Sometimes I gotta remind him we are missionaries. He's really humble and loves to learn. Overall he's one of my favorite comps to this point.

-Are you getting along with him?
We fought twice with words  in the first week but after that never have we gotten mad at each other. Sometimes he's like the annoying little brother that I miss dearly (Zane) but I've learned a lot of patience. Zane will love me when I get home. He loves sports and and the same things I like. He's a goofy dude.

-What can I do to help you?
Pray for the Mexicans to accept the gospel. Pray for ALL my investigators because they all have some type of addiction. Pray for them to get married. Share the gospel daily through words and actions.

Con amor,

elder minnick

P.S. Thanks Grandma Linda for your letters! I love you and got 3 letters this week! I hope you feel better! I'm praying for ya!

Jays response to Weston's questions above: Why do missionaries sometimes feel so bad when they are living the gospel so fully? If we are doing exactly what the Lord wants us to do, why sometimes do we feel so imperfect?

Elder Minnick at some point...this is how EVERYONE feels!  We are human.  We are subject to all manner of the flesh.  This is our test and what a blessing that the Lord lets us feel.  Feel pain, feel grief, feel sorrow, feel happiness and feel gladness.  There must needs be an opposition in all things.  We cannot feel the one extreme of joy without feeling sorrow.  It's ok.  You are human.  You are normal.  This is how the Lord intended it to be.  This life is your probationary test and do not worry because you feel.    "I feel" are important words and when you hear them  -- stop, listen and minister.  If it is a priesthood leader saying "I feel" --  take notes and then take action.  I love you son!  I feel your reaching and so does the Lord.  He will be there for you every step of the way and He will allow you to feel all things both joy and pain.  Just learn to thank Him for the ride👍👊

If any of you would like to answer Elder Minnicks question... email him at  

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