Monday, March 23, 2015

1 year later and wiser too!


Another bi-polar weather week here in Salamanca! Some rainy days and some sunny days, but either way I'm happy.  My face is nice and sun burnt, but my shoes are still full of water!

It was a solid week...especially with one of our investigators. His name is Alfonso. He is 76 years-old. Siempre wearing his suspenders and his fancy suit jacket no matter how hot it is... but this guy is awesome.  We found him because he came to the capilla looking for a woman a couple weeks back!  He sounds crazy and even though he's as catholic as they get, he accepted the gospel. He's only got to go to church 2 more weeks before he is baptized.  And we are hoping he can finally understand some important things!  Sometimes its harder for the elder folks to understand... but I think I'm finally getting this whole patience thing down!  He will learn whether he likes it or not!  I can't help but laugh because he reminds me a little of Grandpa Chuck but catholic and with serious heart problems!  Sometimes when the spirit is really strong I get worried he might have a heart attack!  Not kidding either! Saturday we cut the lesson short so he could go to the hospital!  He was there all night but still came to church the next day!

Today it has been 1 year since I received the Melchizedek Priesthood. So today I decided to dedicate my studies to the oath and covenant of the priesthood and my patriarchal blessing.  Between the two I gained a greater respect for the priesthood and what a blessing it has been and will be for me and my family.  Surely there isn't a gift greater that he has given us.  I know that it is by this power that we will return to live with Him forever. I testify that His power has been restored to the earth. God has given it to his worthy sons to bless all mankind. He has promised us all that He has! As I studied all this I renewed my promise with God to be a better, faithful, prepared, and worthy priesthood holder. He asks of us so little, and gives us more than we understand! 

elder minnick

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