Tuesday, March 3, 2015

2 Ma

dear mom,

I know you absolutely love the whole dumb blog thing but I'm not a fan of it... and I thought it would be better if I wrote you a real letter instead and you can show it to whoever you want. :)  (TAM - well I want to show it to all of you -- ON THE BLOG!!!  LOL)  

It was HOT this week. I miss cold snow-less winters back at home (not) I got sunburnt for the first time in a couple months, and yes I already threw away all the sun screen you sent with me ;)  (TAM: I'm not going to tell him we had the best snowstorm this week - he will be very jealous)

We had interviews with President Tuesday. It was awesome. I don't know why it feels so good to have somebody tell you that you are a sinner and that you need to repent. I didn't exactly love interviews or PPI's before my mission, but those few moments with Pres. are some of the best learning moments. Tell Zane to take notes when he has interviews with Bishop, and then actually do what he says. I know its hard Zane, get over yourself :) 

This week was a whole lot better than last week!  Lots of hard happy work!  I had my first baptismal interview this week, and it is up there on the list of powerful spiritual experiences! My patriarchal blessing nailed it when it says that there aren't many things greater than seeing someone change their life and come unto Christ. It's a happy thing when we personally come unto Christ, but its pure joy when you see others make the change. Spend a few hours studying your scriptures and even more in the temple, but if you aren't a living example of what you have learned, you probably didn't really learn much at all. And when you are a living example of what you have learned, you are always sharing the gospel, even if it is only by your way of life.... that's what the Spirit taught me during this interview!

I'm starting to put on a little weight...I gotta lay off on mexi coke (way better than home coke), those dang street tacos and I gotta ask the sisters in my ward to stop giving me food, even when I tell them if I eat more I won't be able to walk!  Don't worry ma, they take good care of me here. We are gonna start running 3 times a week so I can see my feet again... :)

I thank God everyday for the greatest ma on the planet. I owe all I've ever had and all I will have to you. Love you more than all the Mexicans in Mexico and in the states ;)

love your favorite child,
elder minnick

PS Happy Late Birth Day Parky... and don't worry man -- I will have our room all set up for BYU when you get home :)  congrats son

PPS  Shout out to my boy jakethesnakecahooner! Argentina won't know what hit em ;) Get reading your B of M and PMG every day. Learn to be obedient BEFORE the mission. To obey is better than to sacrifice!   1 Samuel 15

From Tam: Weston is learning to cook (wings and fries) and iron!!  Mother's dream pics right here:  

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