Monday, March 16, 2015


No big letter this week! The Internet cafe is horrible and I don't feel like writing... its one of my least favorite times of the week!

No changes! In the whole zone.  I'm still DL and my zone is my district so I'm pretty my ZL #3 here... and that means I'm in charge of all the numbers!!!  It was a good week. I'm very pleased to stay here for another transfer with my comp!   He's awesome, even though he doesn't have much of a testimony.  His parents and uncles forced him out here... so being obedient isn't on his list of prioridedes!  But that's okay!  We are working on it!  This last change was my favorite by far.  I learned a ton, and even though we had almost 0 success,  I was still a successful missionary!

I took a ton of photos the other day.. it rained all week! Il'l send them by wifi tomorrow!  I took some money off the card, the bank had some problems and I had to pay rent!  But don't worry the mission will pay me back!

All is well! Love you all lots -- send me pictures and tell me about your lives!

elder minnick

Elder Luis!

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