Thursday, April 23, 2015



This week was awesome!!! One of the greatest of the mission. So I'll just share some experiences I had!

We got a reference from a member of another ward... they found two women on the street looking for help. Their mom was dying. They were desperate, and found the church! So we went that next day... but when we got there, the mom had died that morning. The whole family was devastated.  We asked them if we could visit them later in the week.  My comp and I prepared a ton for them. We knew that they were really really really catholic, and were catholics that actually do what they should. They were also a really big family, and we didn't want to lose the chance to bring them true peace into their lives! I was nervous to visit them, and I've never been nervous for a lesson before! We entered and the whole family was dead silent... so we prayed and read about the Resurrection of the Savior. We shared our testimonies about God's plan for us. The spirit was special...I don't know how to describe it, but it was especially powerful. Everyone else was still dead silent, so we prayed again. After the prayer everything changed so fast! They wouldn't stop talking and had about 300000 questions! They definitely didn't accept everything we taught or answered after the prayer but they couldn't deny the spirit. 

So I've been a little bummed because we still haven't baptized here, and changes are next week! But one of our investigators named Beti has really been progressing. She is 76, and has more time going to the church than I do! She's one of those long time investigators that just can't make up her mind. About 4 weeks ago we were praying to know when we should put her baptismal date. My comp was set on the 25th of April, but I never got my confirmation. Sunday when I was sitting next to her at Church, the Spirit confirmed to me that she needed to be baptized this next Saturday, the 25th of April. So we went to her house after church and satan was pounding her hard. When we got there, she was on the way out to go live with her son who lives in Torreon, because her other son was being "naughty" and she was sick of putting up with him. So we sat down with her, shared some scriptures and testimony, and we told her she would be baptized on Saturday.  She accepted! We are still waiting to hear for some special permission of some leaders for some other circumstances but pray for Bertha Villalobos Romero de Saucedo this week! She needs the help!

I had about 1000 more experiences that I want to share but I'm a little lazy so I'll just cut it here! Read the Book of Mormon, keep the commandments, and serve someone!

Elder Minnick

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