Monday, June 29, 2015

Brandon, Luis, Familia G and Elder Chegue!


These past two weeks have been nuts! So much to do, so little time. We haven't had a ton of time to work because my comp had to go to 4 different hospitals in the past week and a half. He's having some knee problems, we are thinking its the meniscus (I don't know how to spell).  Just picture walking around with a 95 year old man all day. It's been a trial of my patience - and I am trying to learn patience-- so we can move on!!!  Pray for Elder Chegüe! He is doing a lot better at being obedient!!  Just keep praying for him!!

We taught Luis about the premortal life this week. After like 10 minutes he said something like, "so your telling me that I chilled with God before I was a baby and I forgot it all?" I guess it doesn't sound as funny as it was.. but you gotta imagine a giant Dominican saying it. He always calls me little white boy... we get along super well! We always sit together at church and we both sing really loud and it sounds really bad... but the ward gets a kick out of it.

We taught the Family G about the Plan of Salvacion this week.. it was tight.  This family has 6 girls in between the ages of 6 -17. We are always finding fun ways to teach them, so this week we taught with a puzzle and a card tower. I learned this week that the Spirit helps us be creative and speaks powerfully through simple things.  However, they didn't go to church this week. It was a little setback. We decided that we can't keep driving them to church with members.  We are helping them exercise their faith a little more, and one day they will have to go by themselves anyway. Its hard for them because they don't have much, but I know that when they keep the commandments God will help them out, they just need to exercise their faith a little more! We are still working with Mama G and her testimony in the BoM! She has a ton of good questions!

I interviewed a deaf boy to be baptized this week... it was sooo great. He's only 8 years old and super smart. We did it all with pictures and I learned a little sign language. 

This is Brandon...  he's deaf...what a stud!!!

I know that this is God's work and Christ is at the head! I'm grateful to be able to have a little part in His plan! I know He lives and loves us!

Happy 4th This week! I'm using it as an excuse to light something on fire... 

Elder Minnick

My Boy - Elder Chegue

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