Monday, June 15, 2015

Siempre Hay Luz


This week was blinding. Here's how it went:

Ran out of two things this week.... contacts and power.  Don't worry MA I'm going to the offices this Thursday and I'm sure they got here! They cut out power Tuesday and I ran out of contacts Wednesday... and I'm not a fan of my glasses so I only put them on when I gotta read. The rest of the day I walk by faith... in God and my companion. :)

Here are some things I learned...  I learned faith is to believe in things you can't see, including cars, trains and cactus. I learned the importance of eye contact, especially with dogs. I think the most important thing I learned this week is that God has a sense of humor and is a very creative teacher, cause I have learned A TON even though I can't see.

It wasn't until day four without light that I knew God was definitely trying to teach me something important, It was like the light switch worked on Saturday night when I was sitting on the floor next to a candle writing down some comments for some elders in my district. The Spirit told me lots of things, answered my questions, and gave me some ideas for my investigators!

I took the light theme to the extreme... We taught the life of Christ and apostasy with a bunch a little candles and the Restoration with a light switch. The Spirit taught eternal life with the fire we felt in our hearts. 

The mission life is great. The investigadores are progressing, the house is clean (I think) and I finished the BoM again this week. Its true in Spanish too! 

Love you Mom and Dad and Whit and Zane!

elder minnick

p.s. Aubs I got your letter from July 21st... it only took 11 months! I haven't laughed harder.

(Tam Note:  He got his contacts... and some other pkgs.  THANKS JILL AND PAUL.  I think Mexican Customs is waaaaaaaay harder to get things through than Guatemala.  I also told Weston to go pay the power bill and work it out with the mission later...)

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