Monday, October 5, 2015

10 Hours

Hey Guys!

Conference was AWESOME! I'd say it was the best one yet! I loved every second... And that's 10 hours seated in a hot room. Normally that would  be hard for me, but the Spirit was constant and I gotta see it in English so I won't complain! I hope every single one of you had the chance to hear or listen to the words of these inspired men and women who spoke, and if you didn't, go listen to them on! I'm doing it right now :)

One of my favorites was from Devin G. Durrant... I loved his two messages. Save Money and Ponderize a scripture ever week. I see them both as "small and simple things" that realize big changes! I chose Mosiah 4:19 to ponderize this week. If you haven't chose one yet, you can share mine, and let me know what you think next week! I know that as we meditate, study, and memorize a simple scripture each week we will be blessed constantly with the Spirit, and come to know our Savior better. 

I loved the talk about the Holes by Allen D. Haynie....I could relate in more ways than I'd like to admit, but I do know that Christ washes us clean from sin just like a hose washes a dirty garage floor or a frame bent dirt bike. It is only through His Atonement that we can escape from the dirty mud holes of sin and enter into the mansions of our padre above! Don't try to back door it... it doesn't work!

We had some investiagors go to conference... which was awesome because the Spirit testified to them that they were listening to prophets of God. We invited all to go with a question in their heart, and we did the same! They ALL reported that they received answers...I did too!  I know God hears all our prayers and answers them through His servants, the prophets! 

Elder Holland said it best.... Love ya momma! Thank you!

Zane... go listen to Pres. Monson's talk again from priesthood session, and then listen to the talk about Barriers in the ocean! Be obedient boy!

Whitney, I heard a lot about all the cool blessings about being a mom... hope you did too ;) #quierounasobrina

Dad... You've been writing me letters about the Sabbath day for about 6 months already. I thought about ya every time i heard about it! keep working hard! Pres. Eyring in Priesthood!


Elder Minnick

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