Monday, October 12, 2015

I got mugged, mom! :(

Hey Fam!

It was a nutty week. There we changes this week and Elder Lagunes went to Leon. My new compa is Elder Reyes! I'm pumped. He goes home in three months. He's one of the super spiritual missionaries, and that's just what I was praying for. I'm hoping to learn a ton from him, he's been one of my examples since I got to the mission. While about 40 missionaries were waiting at the Central, I left outside to go help some other missionaries who were a little lost... I never found them but I found some Cholos that liked the look of my backpack and stole it with my camera... so now I have a real excuse not to send pictures.. sorry mom!

Hector went to church this last week for the first time! Hes been an investigador for a bout a year and a half. It was a miracle for us to see cause he did it with the risk of getting kicked out of his house! His faith is an example for me!

Ignacio is the only member of his family that isn't member. This last week he told me that when he started going to church with us, he decided that he'd do it with "real intent". I think he received a answer about the BoM this Sunday night because he called us the next morning, telling us with a very excited voice, to come and see him, because he received revelation from God... we are going right now!

Camilla is a 10 year old girl that reactivated he family so that she could be baptized. It's cool to see a little girl pump her dad up to read the Book of Mormon, and I've learned that we can be missionaries at all ages, in any circumstance. 

I ponderized Mosiah 4:19 this last week. It was very inspiring to me as I practiced patience and love with everyone, even with those who stole my backpack, by asking myself, "are we not all beggars?". This week I've decided that I'm going to ponderize the sacrament prayer on the bread! I invite you all who do not have a scripture to ponderzie to do it with me!

love you all!

elder minnick

Shout out to one of my greatest examples, elder kenny butterfield! I love you kenneth and thank you for teaching me the gospel through your example!

First one to find Elder Minnick in this post gets a free lunch! 


  1. ok. didn't make the effort. Will pass on the free, but would like a lunch date!