Monday, October 26, 2015



This last week was full of the Spirit. I feel VERY blessed to have a family back home! I feel very blessed that God has allowed me to serve a mission. I feel very blessed to be born in the covenant. I don't think I will ever have the right to complain about anything because God has given me so much.

The family has been a very big theme in my zone this last week. Two weeks ago, we went to Queretaro for a leadership conference and both my comp and I left feeling like we should help our missionaries remember the importance of the Atonement and remember the importance of the Family. So we invited our zone to bring something special that reminded them of their family. I brought an old missionary badge and a bible that dad used on his mission. As I heard the other missionaries talk about the importance of their own family, temple covenants, and loved ones on the other side of the veil, I was touched by the Spirit with all of the other missionaries!  We all decided to set high goals in finding, teaching, and baptizing families. We hope that they, with their loved ones on the other side of the veil, can rejoice in the very special temple blessings. 

So we put in practice what the Spirit taught us. We found one very big family... of 24 people. Every time we go, we teach a new person! Its fun. It all started with some guy I contacted a month ago but didn't go until we found him in an old agenda. I know that when we ask in prayer to find families to teach, God will guide us. I recognized that God also wants me to find, teach and baptize families and is just waiting for me to ask.

Then we found another family, a referral, from a member. We went there with the members, and within 10 minutes of the prayer they had accepted a baptismal date! They live in a pueblito really far away, but they still managed to come to church the next day!

As I have pondered the importance of the family this week, I have come to know that it is only through the restored gospel of Jesus Christ that a family can be truly happy. I know that through sacred covenants in the temple that families are forever HERE and NOW!   I'm grateful for my family! I love you guys! 

Elder Minnick

Missionary Work Starts EARLY!

Comp - Elder Reyes

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