Monday, November 23, 2015

4 cities, 2 weeks and lots of miracles


Well its been a nutty two weeks. I've been all over the place so that means sometimes I sleep on the floor but that's okay, it builds character.

Two weeks ago I did divisiones. I went with Elder Garrett to his area, but he and another elder got really sick in the night, so they went to Queretaro to go to the hospital and I went to a place called Cortazar to do a baptismal interview. The missionaries are only allowed to go there during the day because its "dangerous". But it is cool. Even though missionaries only got to the ward 2 times a week, they still have a baptism, every week! Its all the proof I need to know that the real missionaries are the members.

A couple days later, I went to another pueblito called Paseo de Alto. We didn't have ANYONE there. It was cool. So we said a prayer, and prayed specifically to find 2 families. Within 10 minutes we somehow got into 1 house, and taught a big family. The grandma of the family is 94 years old. After we taught them, they told us to go visit some of their neighbors. There we found our second family!  It's all the proof I need to know that God hears and answers prayers.

I worked in my own area in Celaya this week. It was a little slow, but Karine will be baptized if not this week, then next. We reactivated her family and her dad is preparing himself to baptize his daughters. They have been inactive for years! They have been working on their family history, so I had the opportunity to go to the family search center here. I sent 3 names to you mom that need to go to the temple! 

And then.. I got changed. I'm sitting here now in Queretaro with Elder Mauricio in the Zone Arcos, Ward Colinas. (Tam note:  this is also the Stake / Zone of Weston's mission president Mejorada.... no pressure... haha) Queretaro is AWESOME. I thought my whole mission was pretty ugly until I got here. Its definitely a place I wanna come back to. Its old and colonial. I got here today, so we spent P-Day wandering the centro. Love it here already!

I'm grateful for my family this week!

love ya ma!

elder minnick

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