Monday, November 9, 2015

Member Missionaries


This week was one to remember! President Mejorada put a new goal for the mission...100% lessons with a member present. I laughed a little when I read that. Before, we averaged like maybe 5 of our lessons with a member present per week. So I thought it would be impossible!

As I studied and thought about it for a little, I realized that this goal president made wasn't just a cool idea, but it was revelation from God. So we took it as a commandment, and that just made it a little more natural. We bumped up to 19 lessons with a member this week, and man... it was a breeze! Not only were the lessons a whole lot better, but it was a whole lot more fun, and we hardly walked because we drove around all day with the members.  I also  got to know some of these awesome people better.

I am very grateful for the leaders in my ward here that have accepted the challenge too! Their faith strengthens mine.

Many latter-day prophets have said that "every member is a missionary". I believe that is a phrase taken very lightly! As a missionary, we preach every day --  all day -- and work and work and work, but from all my experience here as a missionary, I know its a lot more effective if the members participate by inviting their non-member or less active member friends to their house with the missionaries.

I invite you all to help your missionaries, by giving them a referral and then opening up the doors to your house so that they can teach your loved ones how to really be happy!

Love ya mom!

Elder Minnick

From Tam: No pics from Elder Minnick - two cameras now stolen.  He told me and I just laughed.  

Weston said, "here is the bad news first... my new camera I just bought got stolen.  I had it a week."  

I told him... "If that is the bad news... we are doing just fine -- go buy another camera."  :)

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