Monday, January 18, 2016



I can't really remember the last time I bad. Don't be too mad!  I'll be home in like five months :0

I'm with Elder Meneses now... He is from California. I'll just say we talk a lot of Spanglish and we just laugh too much. I'd be lying if I told y'all we don't have too much fun but its okay cause we are obedient and work hard. He always says he's the bad cop and I'm the good cop. He usually tells people to repent and then I reinforce it with a lot of inspiring stuff to take the sting off a little. It usually works pretty well... usually. ;)

I would also be lying if I told you we've been having a ton of success. We've been finding a lot of people, and teaching some really powerful lessons. Some of the most spiritual lessons I've ever had in my mission I've had in these last two weeks. We've got a lot of Investigators that are receiving testimonies but then the real problems come in... Abusive spouses, money problems, legal problems, or justing getting robbed. You name it!  These good people are going through it all. 

Sometimes we get a little tempted to look at all these black dots in on the white wall of our area, but we've just been focusing on looking up! It'd be real easy for us to just give up and complain all day but I've learned from many experiences that acting like that gets you absolutely no where! 

I often think of my Savior, who had a lot of long hot days without much success. He suffered and prayed with and for the people He taught. He cried with them, and laughed with them too. Even when He suffered the most, He turned out! He kept working, and trying, giving it all He could. And when things got really dark, He gave His life!

The Savior hasn't asked me to die in this work, but He has asked me to give my life to missionary service for two years! As I count my many blessings, I realize it is a very small price to pay :)

Zane, you look taller every time I see pics of you!

Love y'all,

Elder Minnick

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