Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Good things to come!


First, THANK YOU all for all the birthday emails! I'd love to respond to them all but I only have an hour to write and I gotta dedicate at least half of it to writing mom! Thank you all.  I love you guys! 

This week started off rough. We had two bad days and decided we had to change something... so we went home in the middle of the day and decided we needed to humble ourselves. We prayed and repented separately and after we did so together, then we went and worked hard!  It all went uphill from there!

Shortly after we found two new families!  One of them is a family of a bunch of older ladies. They just don't get more Catholic! They invited us to eat, and we invited them to baptism! They politely rejected but it was okay cause we still ate. ;)  The other family is the "R" Family!  We only had 15 minutes to teach them, cause we had to get home on time, and we couldn't find them any other day we visited. The 15 minutes was enough for them to feel the Spirit though, because they showed up at Church! They loved it and we are hoping to baptize all of them this next month.

We've been teaching "M" too. She's 16, and her parents are going through a divorce. She's the first person I've taught in all my time in Mexico that has not been baptized in any church. All her family is atheist, but she's gotta firm faith. She's the first investigator I have that also reads all the pamphlets we give, and even does the additional study. She teaches us!

Its been a pretty good week...just a series of miracles for me! We went from not having any success to having a very bright future in a matter of days. President Monson was right on when he said, "Your future is as bright as your faith."

I love the Lord!

Elder Minnick

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