Monday, February 29, 2016

Lessons with President :0


President called us Wednesday.... "Where are you guys?... I'll be there in 10 minutes." President decided that in his last 4 months he would start doing more visits with the missionaries. :)  We got lucky and we were visit one and two.
President did a visit with us Thursday, which was also very exciting!!  I re-learned some pretty simple principles about teaching with the spirit, and I do have a lot more to learn and practice. One thing that stuck on me through this is that President didn't teach a whole ton of doctrine. We focused on simple principles...we build foundations! The other thing is that the spirit does all the heavy lifting. 

One of the lessons was with our Muslim friend. Long story short, he decided to finish with a prayer, and in all the lessons before, he wouldn't even participate in the prayer with us. He doesn't think that Christ is the Son of God, but when we asked him if he felt it, things got a little quiet.  He may never get baptized, but the Spirit did touch his heart. The Spirit did something no man could do in a million years! 

Elder Minnick

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