Monday, February 15, 2016

Sunday is a good day to repent!


Elder Paul B. Pieper came to the mission this week... I learned that my way of teaching is out-dated. Bummer huh? God is hastening His work so we must hasten ourselves too! So I had to repent, make some changes, and get on with the good work!

We found a 78 year-old man named Francisco on Saturday. With our newly learned and still in development teaching abilities, he put himself a baptismal date for March, and asked if we would take him to church the next day. When we were on the way, he said, "I was reading the scripture you left me the night before, and I think I'll be ready sooner"... Go Paco!

Fast and testimony meeting---- I had just bore my testimony, and Mildred, my investigator who is 16 and gets baptized in two weeks leaned over to me and says, 

"Mini... I want to share my testimony."

I said, "Uh. Right. What are you going to say?" 

Milly said, "I don't know, but I feel like I should. How do I do it?"   I wrote on her paper a ton of questions --  I believe...  I know.... and told her to say what she felt! 

She asked me to come up with her (I think I was more nervous than she was) and shrugged when one of the bishop councilors gave me that look that said, 

"You know that's not a really good idea"  and I looked at him with the look that said, "Pray for something good to happen!"  

All went well! Mildred had received an answer to her prayers in a dream days earlier and believes firmly that the church is true!  It was one of the first testimonies of the day and really brought the spirit of missionary work to the ward!

We taught our investigators who came to church yesterday that we should repent as we partake of the sacrament. One of our investigators jokingly said, "Sunday is a good day to repent" and I agree! Its a great time to ask the Lord, "What lack I yet?"


Elder Minnick

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